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Title Books That Changed History
Author DK
Publisher Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Release 2017-09-07
Category Reference
Total Pages 256
ISBN 0241323045
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Imagine a world without Principia Mathematica, Rights of Man, the Bible, Shakespeare, or the Mahabharata. Books that Changed History features 75 of the world's most momentous titles - from The Art of War to Anne Frank's Diary - and reveals their far-ranging impact. Books are the medium through which scientists, storytellers, and philosophers introduce their ideas. Discover seminal religious and political titles, cornerstones of science such as On the Origin of Species, and ancient texts such as the I Ching, which is still used today to answer fundamental questions about human existence. Get up close to see fascinating details, such as Versalius' exquisite anatomical illustrations in Epitome, Leonardo da Vinci's annotated notebooks, or the hand-decorated pages in the Gutenberg Bible. Discover why Euclid's Elements of Geometry was the most influential maths title ever published, and marvel at rare treasures such as the Aubin Codex, which tells the history of the Aztecs and the early Spanaish colonial period in Mexico. Books that Changed History gathers stories, diaries, scientific treatises, plays, dictionaries, and religious texts into a stunning celebration of the power of books.

The Book That Changed Europe by University Lynn Hunt

Title The Book That Changed Europe
Author University Lynn Hunt
Publisher Harvard University Press
Release 2010-07-31
Category History
Total Pages 383
ISBN 9780674049284
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Two French Protestant refugees in eighteenth-century Amsterdam gave the world an extraordinary work that intrigued and outraged readers across Europe. In this captivating account, Lynn Hunt, Margaret C. Jacob, and Wijnand Mijnhardt take us to the vibrant Dutch Republic and its flourishing book trade to explore the work that sowed the radical idea that religions could be considered on equal terms. Famed engraver Bernard Picart and author and publisher Jean Frederic Bernard produced The Religious Ceremonies and Customs of All the Peoples of the World, which appeared in the first of seven folio volumes in 1723. They put religion in comparative perspective, offering images and analysis of Jews, Catholics, Muslims, the peoples of the Orient and the Americas, Protestants, deists, freemasons, and assorted sects. Despite condemnation by the Catholic Church, the work was a resounding success. For the next century it was copied or adapted, but without the context of its original radicalism and its debt to clandestine literature, English deists, and the philosophy of Spinoza. Ceremonies and Customs prepared the ground for religious toleration amid seemingly unending religious conflict, and demonstrated the impact of the global on Western consciousness. In this beautifully illustrated book, Hunt, Jacob, and Mijnhardt cast new light on the profound insight found in one book as it shaped the development of a modern, secular understanding of religion.

Books that Changed the World by Andrew Taylor

Title Books that Changed the World
Author Andrew Taylor
Publisher Hachette UK
Release 2014-03-06
Category Literary Criticism
Total Pages 336
ISBN 1849165610
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Books that Changed the World tells the fascinating stories behind 50 books that, in ways great and small, have changed the course of human history. Andrew Taylor sets each text in its historical context and explores its wider influence and legacy. Whether he's discussing the incandescent effect of The Qu'ran, the enduring influence of Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations, of the way in which Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe glavanized the anti-slavery movement, Taylor has written a stirring and informative testament to human ingenuity and endeavour. Ranging from The Iliad to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the Kama Sutra to Lady Chatterley's Lover, this is the ultimate, thought-provoking read for book-lovers everywhere.

Title The Golden Thread How Fabric Changed History
Author Kassia St. Clair
Publisher Liveright Publishing
Release 2019-11-12
Category Art
Total Pages 368
ISBN 1631496360
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

A Sunday Times (UK) Book of the Year Shortlisted • Society of Authors' Somerset Maugham Award A BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week The best-selling author of The Secret Lives of Color returns with this rollicking narrative of the 30,000-year history of fabric, briskly told through thirteen charismatic episodes. From colorful 30,000-year-old threads found on the floor of a Georgian cave to the Indian calicoes that sparked the Industrial Revolution, The Golden Thread weaves an illuminating story of human ingenuity. Design journalist Kassia St. Clair guides us through the technological advancements and cultural customs that would redefi ne human civilization—from the fabric that allowed mankind to achieve extraordinary things (traverse the oceans and shatter athletic records) and survive in unlikely places (outer space and the South Pole). She peoples her story with a motley cast of characters, including Xiling, the ancient Chinese empress credited with inventing silk, to Richard the Lionhearted and Bing Crosby. Offering insights into the economic and social dimensions of clothmaking—and countering the enduring, often demeaning, association of textiles as “merely women’s work”—The Golden Thread offers an alternative guide to our past, present, and future.

Title Prayers that Changed History
Author Tricia Goyer
Publisher Independently Published
Release 2020-09-17
Total Pages 212
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

One prayer can change everything, says bestselling author Tricia Goyer in Prayers That Changed History. Martin Luther. Sojourner Truth. Helen Keller. St. Patrick. We read their stories, and of other people like them, in history books and hear about the amazing things they did to change the world. But one part of the story is often left out: Each one of them wouldn't have accomplished what they did without prayer. In Prayers That Changed History, the stories of twenty-five notable people are presented along with how prayer changed their lives and changed history. Following each historical example is a biblical story that ties to that person's life and actions, as well as ways you can use the power of prayer in your life as well. Because God isn't done changing the world yet, and he would love to use you to make history. Includes images of each historical figure. TRICIA GOYER is author of more than 75 books. This USA Today best-selling author has also won two Carol Awards and a Retailer's Best Award. She was also an ECPA Gold Medallion and a Christy Award Finalist. She has spoken at events such as MomCon and Teach Them Diligently conferences and is host of the podcast, Walk It Out. A homeschooling mom of ten, Tricia is also a grandmother of twelve and wife to John.

Title Alex Haley And the Books That Changed a Nation
Author Robert J. Norrell
Publisher St. Martin's Press
Release 2015-11-10
Category Biography & Autobiography
Total Pages 272
ISBN 1466879319
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

It is difficult to think of two twentieth century books by one author that have had as much influence on American culture when they were published as Alex Haley's monumental bestsellers, The Autobiography of Malcolm X (1965), and Roots (1976). They changed the way white and black America viewed each other and the country's history. This first biography of Haley follows him from his childhood in relative privilege in deeply segregated small town Tennessee to fame and fortune in high powered New York City. It was in the Navy, that Haley discovered himself as a writer, which eventually led his rise as a star journalist in the heyday of magazine personality profiles. At Playboy Magazine, Haley profiled everyone from Martin Luther King and Miles Davis to Johnny Carson and Malcolm X, leading to their collaboration on The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Roots was for Haley a deeper, more personal reach. The subsequent book and miniseries ignited an ongoing craze for family history, and made Haley one of the most famous writers in the country. Roots sold half a million copies in the first two months of publication, and the original television miniseries was viewed by 130 million people. Haley died in 1992. This deeply researched and compelling book by Robert J. Norrell offers the perfect opportunity to revisit his authorship, his career as one of the first African American star journalists, as well as an especially dramatic time of change in American history.

Title Twelve Great Books that Changed the University
Author Steve Wilkens
Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers
Release 2014-05-08
Category Religion
Total Pages 216
ISBN 1630871850
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Twelve scholars take us on a journey through twelve books that have defined the methodologies and orthodoxies of key disciplines within the university curriculum. These books have not only been formative for their respective disciplines, but have reshaped the university and continue to reframe our understanding of education. Each chapter places a Great Book in its historical context, summarizes the key ideas, and assesses the influence of the text on its discipline and society as a whole. In addition, each contributor offers an evaluation from a Christian perspective, explaining both the benefits of the book and the challenges it presents to a Christian worldview and philosophy of education.

Title 100 Mistakes That Changed History
Author Bill Fawcett
Publisher Berkley
Release 2010
Category History
Total Pages 387
ISBN 9780425236659
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Examines bad decisions that changed the course of history, including Little Big Horn, the policies that lead to the Dust Bowl, and the Bay of Pigs invasion.

Title Fifty Plants That Changed the Course of History
Author Bill Laws
Publisher Firefly Books
Release 2015-08-18
Category History
Total Pages 224
ISBN 9781770855885
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

The fascinating stories of the plants that changed civilizations.

Title How the Refrigerator Changed History
Author Lydia Bjornlund
Publisher ABDO
Release 2015-08
Category Juvenile Nonfiction
Total Pages 112
ISBN 1629697710
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

How the Refrigerator Changed History examines the invention and evolution of the refrigerator and explores how refrigeration has changed the way people eat and live. Features include essential facts, a glossary, selected bibliography, websites, source notes, and an index, plus a timeline and maps, charts, and diagrams. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Essential Library is an imprint of Abdo Publishing, a division of ABDO.