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City Secrets Paris by Fiona Duff Kahn

Title City Secrets Paris
Author Fiona Duff Kahn
Publisher Fang Duff Kahn Pub
Release 2014-09-02
Category Travel
Total Pages 275
ISBN 9780989861205
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Collects recommendations by artists, writers, historians, chefs and architects in a visitor's guide to lesser-known venues of quality in Paris, complementing profiles of recommended sites of interest and day-trip itineraries with detailed maps and a pocket-sized design.

Paris by Robert Kahn

Title Paris
Author Robert Kahn
Release 2014-06-01
Category Travel
Total Pages 384
ISBN 9780983540083
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Writers, filmmakers, fashion designers, gourmet chefs, artists, and architects recommend their favourite little-known places in Paris in this insider's guide to restaurants, cafes, art, architecture, shops, oudoor markets, strolls, day trips, cultural and historic landmarks. Includes maps and index."

Paris Revealed by Stephen Clarke

Title Paris Revealed
Author Stephen Clarke
Publisher Random House
Release 2011-03-31
Category Travel
Total Pages 320
ISBN 1409011119
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

PARIS - one of the most visited cities in the world. BUT do you know ... Which is the most romantic spot to say 'je't'aime'? And the sexiest? Where to see fantastic art, away from all the crowds? Why Parisian men feel compelled to pee in the street? How to choose a hotel room where you might actually get a good night's sleep? Stephen Clarke goes behind the scenes to reveal everything Parisians know about their city - but don't want to tell you.

Paris Secrets by Janelle McCulloch

Title Paris Secrets
Author Janelle McCulloch
Publisher Images Publishing
Release 2009
Category Photography
Total Pages 224
ISBN 1864703083
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Mixing aesthetics, architecture, arrondissements and elegance in a very Parisian way, this richly illustrated new volume on the world's most bewitching city shows Paris in all its light, shade, glamour and grandeur. From magnificent squares to exquisit

City Trails Paris by Lonely Planet Kids

Title City Trails Paris
Author Lonely Planet Kids
Publisher Lonely Planet
Release 2016-06-01
Category Juvenile Nonfiction
Total Pages 104
ISBN 1760343099
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Here's a book about Paris that's seriously streetwise. Discover secrets and stories guaranteed to blow your mind that are definitely off the tourist trail. Find out where you can ride a dodo, how to paint the Eiffel Tower, where Paris keeps its historic underpants and lots more! For readers aged 8 and up.

30 Second Paris by John Flower

Title 30 Second Paris
Author John Flower
Publisher Ivy Press
Release 2018-03-01
Category History
Total Pages 160
ISBN 1782406859
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

"If you want to know more about France’s capital without the doorstop-heavy books, then 30-Second Paris will be right up your street." - Living France Think you know Paris? Why is it called the City of Lights? Where are the capital’s vineyards? What heritage did Hector Guimard bestow on the city? How many bridges cross the Seine? Step away from the grands boulevards and chic boutiques and satisfy your curiosity. Written by experts who live and breathe Paris, this volume gets you under the skin of the city to reveal its true beating heart. In just half a minute – the time it takes to read a topic – 30-Second Paris takes you on a tour without the tourists, revealing Paris and its environs in all its contemporary as well as its historic glory, divulging its quintessential quartiers, famous residents and residences, monuments and museums, cemeteries and squares, markets and fashion meccas, open spaces and entertainment arenas.

Paris Noir by Jacques Yonnet

Title Paris Noir
Author Jacques Yonnet
Publisher SCB Distributors
Release 2011-03-16
Category Travel
Total Pages 200
ISBN 1907650369
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

In Paris Noir Yonnet tells is about some of the darker quarters of Paris on the left bank of the Seine, centred on the place Mauberge and the rue Mouffetard, as seen from his own experience. It is mainly written during the 1940s, under the Occupation and in the immediate post-war period; there is a certain amount dealing with the resistance, but the main thrust of the book is a Paris that existed between the wars - and is well known from the film noir -but has since disappeared. It concentrates on the people, rather than places, a mixture of ordinary workers, tradesmen, artists, con-men and criminals. It invests the area with a sense of mystery including occasional supernatural events; it is extremely well written, often using the language of the inhabitants of the area. Raymond Queneau considered it the greatest book ever written about Paris. For Dedalus it is the perfect counterfoil for J.K.Huysmans� Parisian Sketches which Dedalus published in 2004 which showed the darker side of Paris pre Haussman�s big boulevards. 'Among the books you must read before you die is Paris Noir by Jacques Yonnet.' Raphael Sorin �Concentrating on the seedy area around Rue Mouffetard, which becomes "La Mouffe" in a typically Parisian abbreviation, Yonnet reveals the dark side of the City of Light in the 1940s in this "secret history of a city".The street life of the Left Bank ticks on much as normal during the Occupation, though Léopoldie the tart stops turning tricks because "the green German uniform does not suit her complexion". Keep- on-Dancin', the killer with a fondness for history, rules the roost. Though describing himself as "sceptical, disillusioned, cynical", Yonnet casually dispatches a traitor in the Resistance. This is film noir in book form." Christopher Hirst in The Independent

City of Secrets by Elisabeth Kidd

Title City of Secrets
Author Elisabeth Kidd
Publisher Belgrave House
Release 2015-09-24
Category Fiction
Total Pages
ISBN 161084923X
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

When Madeleine Malcolm asks detective Devin Grant to find her missing husband, neither trusts the other’s motives. Grant thinks Maddie has other reasons than love for her quest, and she is unaware that Devin is also investigating a plot against the Prince of Wales—a plot that Teddy Malcolm may be involved in. But their growing attraction begins to outstrip their caution—and leads them into danger. Historical Romance/Mystery by Elisabeth Kidd; originally published by Warner as Sweet Secrets

Title The Cambridge Companion to the Literature of Paris
Author Anna-Louise Milne
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Release 2013-08-01
Category Literary Criticism
Total Pages 259
ISBN 1107005124
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

A comprehensive exploration of Paris through the texts and experiences of a vast and vibrant range of authors.

The Invisible City by Kyle Gillette

Title The Invisible City
Author Kyle Gillette
Publisher Routledge
Release 2020-04-23
Category Performing Arts
Total Pages 132
ISBN 0429649282
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

The Invisible City explores urban spaces from the perspective of a traveller, writer, and creator of theatre to illuminate how cities offer travellers and residents theatrical visions while also remaining mostly invisible, beyond the limits of attention. The book explores the city as both stage and content in three parts. Firstly, it follows in pattern Italo Calvino's novel Invisible Cities, wherein Marco Polo describes cities to the Mongol emperor Kublai Khan, to produce a constellation of vignettes recalling individual cities through travel writing and engagement with artworks. Secondly, Gillette traces the Teatro Potlach group and its ongoing immersive, site-specific performance project Invisible Cities, which has staged performances in dozens of cities across Europe and the Americas. The final part of the book offers useful exercises for artists and travellers interested in researching their own invisible cities. Written for practitioners, travellers, students, and thinkers interested in the city as site and source of performance, The Invisible City mixes travelogue with criticism and cleverly combines philosophical meditations with theatrical pedagogy.