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Dark Garbage by Jon-Michael Frank

Title Dark Garbage
Author Jon-Michael Frank
Release 2019-05-31
Category Comics & Graphic Novels
Total Pages 208
ISBN 9781942801887
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

What's beautiful, what's trash, and is there an elixir to fix this human condition called suffering?

Defeating Dark Angels by Charles H. Kraft

Title Defeating Dark Angels
Author Charles H. Kraft
Publisher Baker Books
Release 2016-10-04
Category Religion
Total Pages 304
ISBN 1441230408
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

A Practical, Complete Guide to Defeating Demons Demonic oppression is a very real spiritual phenomenon, yet it remains a terrifying and misunderstood subject for many Christians. What does the Bible say? Can demons exert power over Christians? Can a Christian be possessed? How do you know if a problem is psychological or spiritual? In this revised edition of Defeating Dark Angels, Dr. Charles H. Kraft, a retired evangelical seminary professor and experienced deliverance minister, reveals everything you need to know. With clarity and biblical insight, he explains · why and how dark forces come against God's people · our authority as Christians over demons · how to resist the influence of demons · how to break their hold on the lives of others · the need for continued healing and care after deliverance through counseling Weaving practical application with firsthand accounts of demonic activity in the lives of real people, this is your complete guide to defeating dark angels and ministering God's freedom to others.

Dark is Deepest by P.D. Workman

Title Dark is Deepest
Author P.D. Workman
Publisher pd workman
Release 2016-03-05
Category Young Adult Fiction
Total Pages 1700
ISBN 1926500741
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Get four of my stand-alone books with a female main character together in one ebook package. This set, titled Dark is Deepest, includes Tattooed Teardrops, which won the Top Fiction Prize in the 2016 In the Margins Top Ten Books for Teens literary award. Buying them all together and save. Included are: Stand Alone – Is Justine crazy? Everyone thinks so, but Justine can’t give up her sense of who she is—someone far different than the loving daughter Em expects her to be—to just fit in and be happy. She is sure that Em secretly holds the key to who Justine really is. But if she does, Em isn’t talking. Tattooed Teardrops – “I don’t plan on getting in any trouble.” Tamara had thought that when she got out of juvie, things would be easier. But before long, it seems like her life is spiraling into chaos. If she can’t prove to her probation officer that she is innocent of the allegations against her, she’s going back to prison, and Tamara just can’t let that happen. Cynthia has a Secret – One day, fifteen-year-old Carmina Knight’s life was perfect, and the next, she’d lost everything. Her family, her home, almost everything that she knew. Alone on the streets, she can’t trust anyone, but she also can’t make it alone. Questing for a Dream – Nadie is a bright but rebellious teen growing up Manitoba Cree. Living in abject poverty, she tries to help care for the younger children in the band. Devastated by the drowning death of her little cousin and unable to overcome her grief, Nadie leaves the band. How can she find her own place in a foreign world where she is abused and discriminated against, and for the first time in her life, completely alone?

Andrew Lost 13 In the Garbage by J. C. Greenburg

Title Andrew Lost 13 In the Garbage
Author J. C. Greenburg
Publisher Random House Books for Young Readers
Release 2009-07-01
Category Juvenile Fiction
Total Pages 96
ISBN 0307532445
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Andrew, Judy, and Thudd have time-traveled out of an ice age only to find themselves shrunk down and tossed out with the garbage! As they get up close and personal with half-eaten hog dogs, soggy pasta, and old fruit rinds, they’ll learn about the stinky—but oh-so-necessary!—process of decomposition. Kids, parents, and teachers love this series—kids for all its gooey grossness, and teachers and parents for all the fun science and great discussion points!

Garbage in Space by Margaret J. Goldstein

Title Garbage in Space
Author Margaret J. Goldstein
Publisher Millbrook Press
Release 2017-08-01
Category Juvenile Nonfiction
Total Pages 48
ISBN 1512476943
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Audisee® eBooks with Audio combine professional narration and sentence highlighting to engage reluctant readers! Did you know that companies and governments send more than one hundred satellites into space every year? And that most of those satellites continue to orbit Earth—even after they have stopped working? More than 500,000 old satellites, pieces of metal, and other bits of junk currently pollute Earth's orbit. And that number is growing. Astronomers, engineers, and politicians all agree that the future of space exploration is in danger if this debris isn't taken care of. But the problem of garbage in space is difficult and expensive to solve. In this book, learn more about this problem and its potential solutions.

Sunglasses After Dark by Nancy A. Collins

Title Sunglasses After Dark
Author Nancy A. Collins
Publisher Open Road Media
Release 2014-07-01
Category Fiction
Total Pages 254
ISBN 1497637368
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

A half-human, half-vampire hunts the bloodsucker who bit her in this “compelling” Bram Stoker Award-winning debut (Publishers Weekly). One spring night in London, heiress Denise Thorne disappears while partying at a nightclub, never to be seen again. That very same night, Sonja Blue, a tough-as-nails punk vampire/vampire-slayer, conceived in terror and blood, is borne from the city’s gutters. Saved by modern medicine before she could die, she is a living vampire who still possesses a soul and is determined to fight for what remains of her humanity. In the years since her bizarre resurrection, Sonja Blue travels the globe, hunting down and disposing of those creatures that prey on the innocent while searching for the vampire Noble who created her. But when she investigates a sleazy televangelist named Catherine Wheele, who is exploiting Denise Thorne’s parents, Sonja finds herself up against a powerful inhuman adversary. But as dangerous as Catherine Wheele proves to be, Sonja’s greatest foe remains the Other, the demonic personality with whom she is locked in a constant battle for control of their shared body. Can Sonja Blue overcome her inner demon in time to rescue an innocent man from Catherine Wheele’s unholy clutches? Acknowledged as one of the first Urban Fantasy novels, Sunglasses After Dark burst onto the fantasy/horror scene in 1989, garnering widespread critical praise and winning the Horror Writers Association’s coveted Bram Stoker Award, as well as the British Fantasy Society’s Icarus Award. New edition: Revised and edited by the author.

Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen

Title Dark Kiss
Author Michelle Rowen
Publisher Harlequin
Release 2012-05-22
Category Juvenile Fiction
Total Pages 352
ISBN 0373210477
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Unable to resist a kiss from her crush despite her otherwise careful nature, Samantha is stricken by a bizarre, mysterious hunger and turns for help to secretive street youth Bishop to stop an encroaching darkness that threatens to overwhelm her. Original.

Villainous Villains by Billy Guajardo

Title Villainous Villains
Author Billy Guajardo
Publisher XinXii
Release 2020-05-31
Category Fiction
Total Pages 132
ISBN 3969310814
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

The Villain is a character from an Ancient Time. He will rise from the dark to take his vengeance on those that Murdered his Wife, and kidnapped his Daughter. When she was Kidnapped his Daughter was taken back to the Old World. A Place that they call the Land of the Warrior? He will track down the Killer and Killers throughout the series. He will eventually come face to face with his Adversaries. A Man that the Devil knew by name. The Harbinger of Death. A Klan as Deadly and as Large as a Small Army. If you like Action, Adventure, and Horror. This is perfect for those that like a Chilling Story? Walls, ceilings, and the ground will fill with endless Villains. A cloud of death in the shape of a dark human will find the man responsible for taking his daughter and wife. He will take the Dark Hearted Lord in a fight to the death for his Daughter's freedom. Swords, razor-sharp stars, flying silvery chains attached to a jagged dagger will find a weakness in his torso. A journey around the world will finally come to an end in the last book in the series. When Vayne finally comes face to face with a Deadly Klan that ran an Underworld of Crimes. The Dark Boss Lord Will give him a fight worthy of a name that should remain alive for 100 years. The night will grow dark angel wings and eyes. The skies will fill with weapons made of raw fiery iron. Silver will rise through the dark in a fight again against good and evil. With over 33000 words in it. It's a chilling ebook.

Garbage Land by Elizabeth Royte

Title Garbage Land
Author Elizabeth Royte
Publisher Hachette UK
Release 2007-10-15
Category Political Science
Total Pages 320
ISBN 0316030732
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Out of sight, out of mind ... Into our trash cans go dead batteries, dirty diapers, bygone burritos, broken toys, tattered socks, eight-track cassettes, scratched CDs, banana peels.... But where do these things go next? In a country that consumes and then casts off more and more, what actually happens to the things we throw away? In Garbage Land, acclaimed science writer Elizabeth Royte leads us on the wild adventure that begins once our trash hits the bottom of the can. Along the way, we meet an odor chemist who explains why trash smells so bad; garbage fairies and recycling gurus; neighbors of massive waste dumps; CEOs making fortunes by encouraging waste or encouraging recycling-often both at the same time; scientists trying to revive our most polluted places; fertilizer fanatics and adventurers who kayak amid sewage; paper people, steel people, aluminum people, plastic people, and even a guy who swears by recycling human waste. With a wink and a nod and a tightly clasped nose, Royte takes us on a bizarre cultural tour through slime, stench, and heat-in other words, through the back end of our ever-more supersized lifestyles. By showing us what happens to the things we've "disposed of," Royte reminds us that our decisions about consumption and waste have a very real impact-and that unless we undertake radical change, the garbage we create will always be with us: in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we consume. Radiantly written and boldly reported, Garbage Land is a brilliant exploration into the soiled heart of the American trash can.

Title How Come the Best Clues are Always in the Garbage
Author Linda Bailey
Publisher Kids Can Press Ltd
Release 1992
Category Detective and mystery stories
Total Pages 175
ISBN 9781550740943
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

In this Stevie Diamond Mystery, Stevie and her partner have a thief to catch.