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How to Smoke Pot Properly by David Bienenstock

Title How to Smoke Pot Properly
Author David Bienenstock
Publisher Penguin
Release 2016-04-12
Category Reference
Total Pages 288
ISBN 0698401522
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

“A humorous and informative trip through the drug’s various medicinal compounds, a timeline of the its history, and recipes that take you beyond the standard pot brownie—with pro tips from cannabis-friendly celebrities sprinkled throughout.”—Vanity Fair Once literally demonized as “the Devil's lettuce,” and linked to all manner of deviant behavior by the establishment's shameless anti-marijuana propaganda campaigns, cannabis sativa has lately been enjoying a long-overdue Renaissance. So now that the squares at long last seem ready to rethink pot's place in polite society, how, exactly, can members of this vibrant, innovative, life-affirming culture proudly and properly emerge from the underground—without forgetting our roots, or losing our cool? In How to Smoke Pot (Properly), VICE weed columnist and former High Times editor David Bienenstock charts the course for this bold, new, post-prohibition world. With plenty of stops along the way for "pro tips" from friends in high places, including cannabis celebrities and thought leaders of the marijuana movement, readers will learn everything from the basics of blazing, to how Mary Jane makes humans more creative and collaborative, nurtures empathy, catalyzes epiphanies, enhances life's pleasures, promotes meaningful social bonds, facilitates cross-cultural understanding, and offers a far safer alternative to both alcohol and many pharmaceutical drugs. You'll follow the herb's natural lifecycle from farm to pipe, explore cannabis customs, culture and travel, and discover how to best utilize and appreciate a plant that's at once a lifesaving medicine, an incredibly nutritious food, an amazingly useful industrial crop, and a truly renewable energy source. You'll even get funny and informative answers to burning questions ranging from: How can I land a legal pot job? to Should I eat a weed cookie before boarding the plane? In two-color, with charts and illustrations throughout, How to Smoke Pot (Properly) is truly a modern guide to this most revered herb.

Cannabis by Lucas Richert

Title Cannabis
Author Lucas Richert
Publisher MIT Press
Release 2021
Category Cannabis
Total Pages 418
ISBN 0262045206
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

"A global history of cannabis that offers a broad, multicontinental examination of the roots and effects of cannabis policy and legalization efforts"--

Regulating Cannabis by DR Todd Subritzky

Title Regulating Cannabis
Author DR Todd Subritzky
Publisher Cannabis Education Online
Release 2021-07-23
Category Medical
Total Pages 481
ISBN 0645241814
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

A 5-year investigation of the implementation of the world’s first fully regulated cannabis market for pleasure in Colorado Kind words for Regulating Cannabis "This book clearly demonstrates authority in the field of international drug policy and draws predominantly on the latest evidence in doing so. It is a substantial contribution to an emerging policy issue with a plethora of new knowledge displayed throughout. Overall, I found this to be a vital addition to the canon of knowledge regarding cannabis policy change" Dr Mark Monaghan Head of the Department of Social Policy, Sociology and Criminology University of Birmingham “The author has broadened the understanding of cannabis regulation when it comes to conflicts between consumer protection, private profit, and public health. He has successfully applied and enriched several theoretical concepts in the context of cannabis legalization, especially when it comes to ‘the elephant in the room’ - the wellness potential of cannabis on legal markets” Vendula Belackova, PhD Drug Policy Researcher & Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the Social Policy Research Centre, University of New South Wales Contents at a glance At a time when cannabis legalisation is spreading across an increasing number of jurisdictions globally, this book cuts across the noise and presents a factual account of issues faced by regulators in the real-world context of Colorado. It can be read as an evidence-based handbook for regulators and should be a first port of call for anyone interested in the legalisation of cannabis. In January 2014, Colorado implemented a commercial cannabis market for pleasure - the first jurisdiction globally to implement a regulated, adult-use cannabis supply chain from seed-to-sale. It was reported as an historic occasion that presaged a grand social and economic experiment in drug legalisation. Including analysis of hundreds of pages of government documents, almost 1000 media articles, and interviews in the field with over 30 senior government officials, industry executives, and front-line public health representatives, this book is the definitive account of real-world cannabis policy implementation. The cannabis academic public health literature is examined prodigiously including its potential for harm and benefit together with alternative regulatory approaches. The book also features a number of papers published in academic journals based on the PhD research of the author. The commodification of cannabis vs the craft approach together with the entanglement of the medical and recreational markets are two of many topical themes discussed in detail. Multiple recommendations relevant for other jurisdictions considering the legalisation of cannabis are presented. Recognising the limitations of harm reduction approaches that cannot conceptually conceive beneficial aspects of cannabis consumption, a new framework, the spectrum of wellness is proposed as an alternative in Appendix 1 of the book.

I Smoke Pot with My Family by Ruth Bergner

Title I Smoke Pot with My Family
Author Ruth Bergner
Publisher iUniverse
Release 2005-07
Category Biography & Autobiography
Total Pages 116
ISBN 0595345395
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

In her revealing book I Smoke Pot with My Family, 85-year-old Ruth Bergner speaks out about the valuable and positive experiences she began having with just one puff of marijuana. "Try it so you know what the hell you are talking about," her valedictorian son challenged in 1970. Ruthie and her husband were surprised to discover that, contrary to what they "knew" about pot, the drug actually enhanced many areas of their lives instead of interfering. Excited about what she was experiencing, she began to write a book. Reluctant and fearful of what the exposé could do to her family's name, she kept it hidden beneath her bathroom sink. Now, after more than thirty years of personal experience and secrecy, Bergner hopes to make an important contribution to the world by sharing her story. She insists that we control the drug; it doesn't control us. She writes that when used intelligently and responsibly, marijuana can promote comfortable intimacy, improve family relationships, dissipate anger and judgment, temporarily erase sexual hang-ups, make us less defensive, and give us a fresh perspective on life. Bergner wants marijuana reclassified from the "bad drug" category to the "good drug" category. She calls on other respectable people who smoke pot to stand up, speak out and smoke responsibly with her. "Bergner's honesty is one more step up the ladder to removing the lid of misinformation and dishonesty about (marijuana). She is, indeed, one brave pioneer."-Wayne B. Whitmarsh, Medicinal Cannabis/Industrial Hemp Advocate "(Bergner's) coming out makes it easier for the next person to do the same."-Keith Stroup, Founder of NORML

Ganja Yoga by Dee Dussault

Title Ganja Yoga
Author Dee Dussault
Publisher Hay House, Inc
Release 2017-04-18
Category Health & Fitness
Total Pages 352
ISBN 1781809909
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

In this book, yoga teacher Dee Dussault brings the ancient tradition of using cannabis to enhance spiritual practice to a western audience. She describes the act of Ganja Yoga as a ceremony that makes conscious relaxation an intentional ritual that can be improved upon with practice. Dee Dussault is a certified yoga instructor and the first person to bring cannabis-enhanced yoga classes to North America. In Ganja Yoga, Dee walks readers through the considerations and best practices for introducing cannabis into your yoga practice, or infusing yoga into your smoking routine. It's equally useful for those who want to attend classes or use the book in the comfort of their own homes. Ganja Yoga will assist readers in how to: • Reap the benefits of profound relaxation • Assume an altered state in a safe, energizing way • Deepen the spiritual practice of yoga • Reconnect with the body using ancient techniques • Select the best setting, time, method of consumption, strains, poses and breathing techniques to ensure an excellent experience. Ganja Yoga isn't just a guide to mixing cannabis and exercise, it's a lifestyle practice for a more stress-free, harmonious world.

Human Development Today Beyond by Daniel Solomon

Title Human Development Today Beyond
Author Daniel Solomon
Total Pages
ISBN 1365648176
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Title The Day I told My Mom I Smoke Pot
Author S. Maloy
Publisher AuthorHouse
Release 2010-02-22
Category Family & Relationships
Total Pages 256
ISBN 9781449084165
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Sue and Lou never had any fears or doubts about raising their three children. They were not like their parents. They welcomed the teenage years. They knew their kids might experiment with drugs and alcohol, just like they had. So they talked with their kids about their own experiences they had as teenagers. As a family they were very close. They took their kids camping to Glamis, the desert, the beach and the Colorado River. They went to Big Bear every winter and they golfed almost every weekend as a family. By the time their youngest was in high school, their oldest was already 24 and their middle child was 19. Their youngest would always tell them not to worry, that he would never be like his older brother and sister. Young Adam had witnessed all the trying times his parents had with his two older siblings; alcohol, drugs, house parties, and pre-marital sex. Adam's friends always came over to the house and Sue and Lou knew them all. They were all good kids. But when Adam told his mom he had smoked marijuana, it was not like when the older siblings had experimented with it. Sue and Lou would quickly discover he was using it to escape from the hurt and pain he felt after his first love broke up with him. But what Sue and Lou didn't know was that their worst nightmare was growing in their youngest son. Without having a true understanding of addiction, this family will go through a hell they could have never imagined. In order to keep from having a breakdown Sue started writing about how this all started. It all began with a story Adam wrote in his Freshman English class titled “The Day I told my Mom I Smoke Pot”.

The Anatomy of Addiction by Akikur Mohammad, MD

Title The Anatomy of Addiction
Author Akikur Mohammad, MD
Publisher Penguin
Release 2016-02-23
Category Self-Help
Total Pages 272
ISBN 1101983035
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

A groundbreaking, science-based approach to addiction that addresses it as the chronic brain disease it is and offersa proven lifelong treatment plan. In The Anatomy of Addiction, readers will discover information and advice on: - normal vs. problem drinking - new medications that are now available - medical and psychiatric complications of different addictions - the importance of treaing a dual diagnosis (such as addiction and borderline personality disorder or depression) - maintenance therapy - when and how to seek treatment, and the roles family members should play - effective strategies for treating the teenage addict - inpatient and outpatient treament services Using proven research and methods, top addiction professional Akikur Mohammad, MD, addresses how to understand and treat multiple types of addiction, from heroin and opiates to alcohol and prescription pills. As engaging as it is informative, The Anatomy of Addiction is a crucial, science-based action plan to help addicts--and their families, friends, and caregivers--conquer addiction once and for all.

Challenges and Opportunities in Drugs Prevention by United States. Department of Justice

Title Challenges and Opportunities in Drugs Prevention
Author United States. Department of Justice
Release 1990
Category Drug abuse
Total Pages 219
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary: