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A Terrible Thing to Waste by Harriet A. Washington

Title A Terrible Thing to Waste
Author Harriet A. Washington
Publisher Hachette UK
Release 2019-07-23
Category Social Science
Total Pages 368
ISBN 0316509426
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

A "powerful and indispensable" look at the devastating consequences of environmental racism (Gerald Markowitz) -- and what we can do to remedy its toxic effects on marginalized communities. Did you know... Middle-class African American households with incomes between $50,000 and $60,000 live in neighborhoods that are more polluted than those of very poor white households with incomes below $10,000. When swallowed, a lead-paint chip no larger than a fingernail can send a toddler into a coma -- one-tenth of that amount will lower his IQ. Nearly two of every five African American homes in Baltimore are plagued by lead-based paint. Almost all of the 37,500 Baltimore children who suffered lead poisoning between 2003 and 2015 were African American. From injuries caused by lead poisoning to the devastating effects of atmospheric pollution, infectious disease, and industrial waste, Americans of color are harmed by environmental hazards in staggeringly disproportionate numbers. This systemic onslaught of toxic exposure and institutional negligence causes irreparable physical harm to millions of people across the country-cutting lives tragically short and needlessly burdening our health care system. But these deadly environments create another insidious and often overlooked consequence: robbing communities of color, and America as a whole, of intellectual power. The 1994 publication of The Bell Curve and its controversial thesis catapulted the topic of genetic racial differences in IQ to the forefront of a renewed and heated debate. Now, in A Terrible Thing to Waste, award-winning science writer Harriet A. Washington adds her incisive analysis to the fray, arguing that IQ is a biased and flawed metric, but that it is useful for tracking cognitive damage. She takes apart the spurious notion of intelligence as an inherited trait, using copious data that instead point to a different cause of the reported African American-white IQ gap: environmental racism - a confluence of racism and other institutional factors that relegate marginalized communities to living and working near sites of toxic waste, pollution, and insufficient sanitation services. She investigates heavy metals, neurotoxins, deficient prenatal care, bad nutrition, and even pathogens as chief agents influencing intelligence to explain why communities of color are disproportionately affected -- and what can be done to remedy this devastating problem. Featuring extensive scientific research and Washington's sharp, lively reporting, A Terrible Thing to Waste is sure to outrage, transform the conversation, and inspire debate.

Title A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste
Author Mary B. Sinclair
Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Release 2013-02-13
Category Philosophy
Total Pages 70
ISBN 1479772585
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

My book is a comedy and a social satire about how everyone starts out idealistically chomping at the bit to use their mind to the fullest. (“A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste” after all according to that Old School Traditional philosophy.) But after a while it sooner or later dawns on most everyone that what they are really doing is “wasting” their mind anyway. (Not only because no one ever LISTENS, but because nothing works the way it has been talked up). It’s an up close and personal picture of how it feels when life throws you a curved ball (or a lot of lemons from which you have to figure out how to make lemonade). It’s an emotional snapshot of how traumatic it is when nothing works out the way you once thought it would. When all those wonderful “ideas” and oh, so compelling words and theories cease to make any sense. But, rather than offering the reader a roadmap, it attempts to give an explanation for why nothing ever works. And how it feels to spin your wheels when your back is to the wall. And you’re neck and neck with all those nasty, infuriating unmentionables centering around all that social control. Along with the downside, however, there is an equal and opposite upside. The world of Songs (and Poetry) is held up as a guiding principle through which to regain your spiritual balance, gradually become “unstuck” and once again able to reboot yourself in a new direction. It’s also much more than a “blame yourself for everything and get out of your own way” guilt trip since it rejects all those simplistic cliché solutions found in Psychology books. Attempting instead to give the reader a much more focused insight into all those hard to put into words political, social and philosophical “outside forces” that affect why and how things can (and do) go wrong.

Title An Education Crisis Is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Author Yong Zhao
Publisher Teachers College Press
Category Education
Total Pages
ISBN 0807778257
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Discover how education innovations can produce astonishing results in student success both in and out of school. The educators featured in this book were motivated by the conviction that even the best status quo education was not serving current student needs. They responded with radical changes that tap into recent ideas about educational transformation: personalization, student-driven curriculum, student agency and co-ownership of learning direction, school-sheltered student entrepreneurship, student-led civic projects, creativity education, and product-oriented learning. Readers will find carefully researched and detailed stories of on-the-ground models where students learn empathy, cooperation, creativity, and self-management, alongside rigorous academics. Together these stories provide insight into the process of innovation and the elements that can make change successful. An Education Crisis Is a Terrible Thing to Waste will inspire educators in ordinary situations to take extraordinary actions toward a new paradigm of education in which all students can flourish. “Zhao has, again, written an education book that one cannot put down. He has a profound ability to describe how the world is changing, and that schools should as well.” —Larry Rosenstock, CEO, High Tech High “This is a must-read for school teams seeking seeds of proven success that will ignite truly transformative change.” —Grant Lichtman, internationally recognized thought leader and author

Title SpineChillers Mysteries Series A Haunted Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Author Fred Katz
Publisher Thomas Nelson
Release 1997-11-28
Category Juvenile Fiction
Total Pages 144
ISBN 1418560162
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Boone and Cali volunteered to help transform an old mining town into a summer camp for their church. But that was before they stumbled onto the secret underground tunnels, the ghost stories, and the legendary Madman of the Mine. Could a camp really be haunted? It was up to them to solve this mystery and turn Camp Fear into Camp Fearless!

Title A Rhyme is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Author Carlton A. Usher
Publisher Africa Research and Publications
Release 2006
Category Hip-hop
Total Pages 182
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

The Missional Church in Context by Craig Van Gelder

Title The Missional Church in Context
Author Craig Van Gelder
Publisher Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
Release 2007-10-26
Category Religion
Total Pages 243
ISBN 0802845673
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

The missional church conversation continues to make a vital contribution to thinking about congregations and their contexts, addressing the essential question What does it really mean to be church? This book offers substantial, clarifying insights into that ongoing dialogue. Contributors: Mark Lau Branson James Tzu-Kao Chai Mary Sue Dehmlow Dreier Terri Martinson Elton Scott Frederickson Joon Ho Lee Gary M. Simpson Craig Van Gelder

Sick by John Edward Lawson

Title Sick
Author John Edward Lawson
Publisher Raw Dog Screaming Press
Release 2003
Category Fiction
Total Pages 296
ISBN 9780974503110
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

The publishing world has just received its bill of health, and the prognosis isn't pretty. Literary marauders are rising up from the hazardous material bins labeled Horror, Surrealism, and Science Fiction. Here the pen is not merely mightier than the sword; it is a plague heralding the apocalypse for convention, writing a dirge for complacency. The stories herein explore illness in all its forms: physical, mental, and societal. These sick stories are horrendous, hilarious, and stupefying dissections of creative minds on the scalpel's edge.

Entourage by HBO

Title Entourage
Author HBO
Publisher Gallery Books
Release 2008-08-26
Category Fiction
Total Pages 180
ISBN 9781439101360
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

A companion guide to the HBO television series features interviews with cast, crew, and producers; an episode guide covering all twenty episodes of the first season; and a behind-the-scenes look at sets and locations.