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Creed without Chaos by Laura K. Simmons

Title Creed without Chaos
Author Laura K. Simmons
Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers
Release 2015-10-26
Category Religion
Total Pages 222
ISBN 1498278655
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Introduces contemporary readers to the lay theological writings of British novelist and playwright Dorothy L. Sayers.

Change Without Chaos by Stanley Redwood

Title Change Without Chaos
Author Stanley Redwood
Publisher Trafford Publishing
Release 2015-03-09
Category Political Science
Total Pages 104
ISBN 1490756426
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Change without Chaos makes out a convincing case for fundamental constitutional reform in Jamaica and advances a template upon which this transformation can be attained. The central argument is grounded on the fact that the Jamaican economy has not been able to register substantial growth for over fifty years since independence in 1962 and currently has some of the most unflattering development indices in the entire Western Hemisphere. The book, which is grounded in extensive legal research, raises issues of persistent and pervasive class exploitation and a grossly iniquitous economic system, which continues to contribute to a scandalous income disparity and wealth transfer as elements that must be addressed urgently by a far-reaching review of the constitutional framework if the country is ever to realize any meaningful growth and development.

In the Midst of Chaos by Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore

Title In the Midst of Chaos
Author Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore
Publisher Fortress Press
Release 2019-03-01
Category Religion
Total Pages 242
ISBN 1506454607
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

How the daily practices of life with children can shape our faith In the Midst of Chaos explores parenting as spiritual practice, building on Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore's fresh conceptions of children from her book Let the Children Come. She questions conventional perceptions that spiritual practices require silence, solitude, and uninterrupted prayer and that assume a life unburdened by care of others. She is both honest about the difficulties and attentive to the blessings present in everyday life and demonstrates that the life of faith encompasses children and the adults who care for them. Miller-McLemore explores how parents might use seven daily practices, such as play, reading, chores, and saying goodbye or goodnight as rich opportunities to shape both parent and child morally and spiritually. Through these experiences, she shows how the very care of children forms and reforms the faith of adults themselves, contrary to the belief that adults must form children. In the Midst of Chaos also goes beyond the typical focus on individual self-fulfillment by tackling difficult questions of social justice and mutuality in the ways families live together. Readers will find in this book an invitation to love those around them in the midst of life's craziness and to live more deeply in grace.

Greed Chaos and Governance by Jerry L. Mashaw

Title Greed Chaos and Governance
Author Jerry L. Mashaw
Publisher Yale University Press
Release 1999-01-11
Category Law
Total Pages 231
ISBN 9780300078701
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Public choice theory should be taken seriously--but not too seriously. In this thought-provoking book, Jerry Mashaw stakes out a middle ground between those who champion public choice theory (the application of the conventional methodology of economics to political science matters, also known as rational choice theory) and those who disparage it. He argues that in many cases public choice theory's reach has exceeded its grasp. In others, public choice insights have not been pursued far enough by those who are concerned with the operation and improvement of legal institutions. While Mashaw addresses perennial questions of constitutional law, legislative interpretation, administrative law, and the design of public institutions, he arrives at innovative conclusions. Countering the positions of key public choice theorists, Mashaw finds public choice approaches virtually useless as an aid to the interpretation of statutes, and he finds public choice arguments against delegating political decisions to administrators incoherent. But, using the tools of public choice analysts, he reverses the lawyers' conventional wisdom by arguing that substantive rationality review is not only legitimate but a lesser invasion of legislative prerogatives than much judicial interpretation of statutes. And, criticizing three decades of "law reform," Mashaw contends that pre-enforcement judicial review of agency rules has seriously undermined both governmental capacity and the rule of law.

Title Finding Your Peace Within the Chaos
Author Alexa Servodidio
Publisher CCB Publishing
Release 2016-03-22
Category Self-Help
Total Pages 108
ISBN 1771432705
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Alexa Servodidio, LCSW is the author of Finding Your Peace Within the Chaos and Host on her radio show Insight into Healing. While preparing to write this book, Alexa decided to start each chapter with a question from her radio show. Her vision is to provide each reader with at least one educational tool for them to utilize and then share it with another. Giving back and paying it forward are the principles she bases her book, her show, and her life on. She wishes to thank everyone for joining her on this journey. Praise received for Finding Your Peace Within the Chaos "In her radio show and now in her book, Alexa brings to the forefront the challenges that people often suffer from in silence, including heroin addiction, anxiety, and domestic violence. Drawing from her vast experience as a therapist, she provides empathy, knowledge, and paths for change and healing." - Lauren Priday, MA, LCSW "My overall experience with Ms. Servodidio's book was excellent. I read the book in 2 days and could not put it down. For example, I am a social work student and this book really touched on poignant stories, and also focused on current issues and epidemics. She interviewed people, and made people aware of their stories and struggles. It also provided me ways to examine, use tools, and to think critically about future clients that I may come in contact with in the future. This is truly a very inspiring book and I am looking forward to a Part 2. I really found my peace within the chaos." - Mary-Kay Kallergis

Rescue from Chaos by Do Lee H. Harvis

Title Rescue from Chaos
Author Do Lee H. Harvis
Publisher Dog Ear Publishing
Release 2012
Category Biography & Autobiography
Total Pages 248
ISBN 1457509180
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Rescue from Chaos: USAF Responds to Disaster in Haiti is a behind-the-scenes look at medical response efforts during the critical and chaotic first fourteen days following the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti-possibly the second deadliest earthquake in recorded history. What starts as a small mission to provide medical support to the handful of U.S. military personnel sent to reopen the Port-au-Prince airport, quickly escalates to a major operation. USAF Colonel Lee Harvis, DO, and the medical team from AF Special Operations Command find chaos at the airfield, the U.S. Embassy, and hospitals throughout the city. For two weeks, the team oversees all surgical and critical care at the airport, and provides evacuation for 12,000 American citizens and aeromedical evacuation of two hundred critically injured Haitian citizens. The medics perform 14 major operations, including several amputations, in a converted storage room in the U.S. Embassy and on the flight line.

Choice in Chaos by Gangadhar Bhadani

Title Choice in Chaos
Author Gangadhar Bhadani
Publisher Partridge Publishing
Release 2017-03-16
Category Biography & Autobiography
Total Pages 334
ISBN 1482888912
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Author Gangadhar Bhadani was once described by Jimmy Wales, cofounder of Wikipedia, as the most prolific Indian Wikipedian. He was in the top ten worldwide contributors for months. In Choice in Chaos, Bhadani shares his life story, a tale spanning the six decades of his life so far. It features several streams that flow concurrently: autobiographical accounts and anecdotes, along with a number of select books that passed through his life with a golden streakhis activities, his contributions, and his experience as a Wikipedian. In colorful and candid language, Bhadani describes his childhood, adolescence, and multidimensional adulthood, painting a vivid picture of India along the way. At the age of fifty-five, he began to engage seriously with the English version of Wikipedia, and that connection has profoundly changed his life. This unusual memoir presents the personal narrative of an Indian bank officer who has made extensive contributions to Wikipedia since 2005.

The Chaos Frontier by Ralph D. Stacey

Title The Chaos Frontier
Author Ralph D. Stacey
Publisher Butterworth-Heinemann
Release 1991
Category Chaotic behavior in systems
Total Pages 409
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Title Interaction Evolution and Chaos in Space
Author Peter Nijkamp
Publisher Springer Science & Business Media
Release 2012-12-06
Category Business & Economics
Total Pages 278
ISBN 3642775098
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

For many decades scholars from various disciplines have been intrigued by the question whether there are unifying principles or models that have a validity in different disciplines. The building of such analytical frameworks bridging the gaps between scientific traditions is a very ambitious task and has not been very successful up till now. In the past - in a static context - several such principles have been defined and advocated at the edge of the natural sciences on the one hand and social sciences (in particular, economics and geography) on the other hand, mainly based on the paradigm of 'social physics'. Some important contributions to the integration of the spatial systems sciences and physics can be found in gravity theory and entropy theory, which have formed the comer stones of interaction models in space. This book is about spatial interaction models. It describes the origin, the history and the correspondence of such models from a 'social physics' perspective. It is emphasized that such models need a clear behavioural underpinning as a sine qua non for a valid use in spatial systems analysis. This view also explains the use of micro-based disaggregate choice models as a tool for analyzing spatial systems. This is mainly analyzed in Part A of this book.

Out of Chaos by Wayne M. Bundy

Title Out of Chaos
Author Wayne M. Bundy
Publisher Universal-Publishers
Release 2007-12
Category Science
Total Pages 509
ISBN 1581129793
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Excerpt from Foreword, written by Stuart Ross Taylor:"Are we really the pinnacle of 4500 million years of evolution? Closely related to the aggressive chimpanzees, have we evolved enough to cope? The nightly news on television, that mervelous technical invention of scientists, no turned into a field too barren to be termed a wastelad, provides little hope that Homo sapiens is more than another of nature's failed experiments... "Will a more evolved species evolve in time? Wayne notes the extraordinary achievements of the Ashkenazi Jews, separated in European ghettos for centuries, whose descendants, now three percent of the US population, have gernered 27% of the Nobel Prizes awarded to that country. In their enforced isolation, restricted to intellectually demanding occupations, did they evolve superior brains? Perhaps there are grounds for hope before the unrestricted growth in population; the elephant in the attic falls through the ceiling. Read this book. It tells us where we are, how we got there, and how we might escape disaster."