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Title Marketing en redes sociales
Author Matt Golden
Release 2019-12-10
Category Computers
Total Pages 226
ISBN 9781647481223
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

No es un secreto para nadie que las redes sociales son extensas y la influencia que tienen sobre las personas es enorme. Si está listo para descubrir cómo utilizar las redes sociales en el 2019 y construir una presencia masiva e influyente para su marca en línea, ¡Entonces este libro es para usted!

The Complete Spanish Master by David Michaels

Title The Complete Spanish Master
Author David Michaels
Publisher Isaac Perrotta Hays
Release 2018-10-11
Category Foreign Language Study
Total Pages 303
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

36 Real Topics for Intermediate Spanish Mastery. This book is a collection of the 3 `Mater Spanish` books. What our Amazon readers felt about these books: “Great book for increasing your Spanish fluency.” “The entire book is written in Spanish which I found nice because it kept me focused on my target language.” “This was a great book to gain confidence in your comprehension abilities. It really helped me start thinking in the language.” This collection includes: Master Spanish Through Reading: Here you will start to build up your reading skills with 12 short but interesting articles on a variety of different subjects from Spanish Life to Popular Music. Perfect for high elementary learners wishing to enter the intermediate level. Master Spanish in 12 Topics, Vol 1&2: Here you will really start to drill down and learn topic specific vocabulary. We cover a huge range of topics from `romance` to `crime` and everything in-between. This will help you speak at a solid intermediate level on a variety of topics that you will come across in your everyday life. Benefits of using this book: Discover over 680 new essential words through reading engaging but accessible articles on everyday topics. Start thinking in Spanish. This book is 100% in Spanish but is written in a way that will help you build up your language skills in a structured way. Move past basic `textbook` vocabulary. Master the vocabulary essential for speaking about real life topics and situations. If you are ready to move out of the elementary level and build your intermediate Spanish comprehension, then this collection is the perfect stepping stone. Click the buy button up top to get started today.

Title Dramatized Societies Quality Television in Spain and Mexico
Author Paul Julian Smith
Publisher Liverpool University Press
Release 2016-11-29
Category Performing Arts
Total Pages 256
ISBN 1781383723
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Over the last decade Spain and Mexico have both produced an extraordinary wealth of television drama. Drawing on both national practices of production and reception and international theories of textual analysis this book offers the first study of contemporary quality TV drama in two countries where television has displaced cinema as the creative medium that shapes the national narrative. As dramatized societies, Spain and Mexico are thus at once reflected and refracted by the new series on the small screen.

Title How the World Remade Hollywood
Author Ed Glaser
Publisher McFarland
Release 2022-03-07
Category Performing Arts
Total Pages 298
ISBN 1476644675
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

For decades, filmmakers worldwide have been remaking Hollywood movies in colorful ways. They've chronicled a singing and dancing Hannibal Lecter in India, star-crossed lovers aboard the doomed Nigerian ship Titanic, a Japanese expedition to the planet of the apes, and an uncivil war in Turkey between Captain America and a mobbed-up Spider-Man. Most of these films were low budget and many were unauthorized, but all of them were fantastic--and lately have begun to resurface thanks to cherry-picked YouTube clips. But why and how were they made in the first place? This book tells the little-known stories of the wily filmmakers who made an Italian 007 flick by casting Sean Connery's tradesman brother, produced a Turkish space opera by stealing a print of Star Wars for its effects footage, and transported a full-fledged Terminator to the present day--not from a post-apocalyptic future, but from the vibrant mythology of Indonesia. Their stories reveal more than mere imitations; they demonstrate the fascinating ways ideas evolve as they cross borders.

Title Transnational Popular Psychology and the Global Self Help Industry
Author Daniel Nehring
Publisher Springer
Release 2016-04-08
Category Psychology
Total Pages 198
ISBN 0230370861
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Self-help books aim to empower their readers and deliver happiness and personal fulfilment but do they really live up to this? This book offers a fresh perspective on self-help culture and popular psychology. Research on this subject matter has generally focused on the USA and the Global Northwest. In contrast, this book explores the production, circulation and consumption of self-help books from an innovative transnational perspective. Case studies on Trinidad, Mexico, the People's Republic of China, the UK and the USA explore the roles which self-help's therapeutic narratives of self and social relationships play in the contemporary world. In this context, the book questions the extent to which self-help fulfils its promise of individual autonomy and contentment. At the same time, it addresses debates about contemporary political change under transnational processes of cultural standardization.

Cristiano and Leo by Jimmy Burns

Title Cristiano and Leo
Author Jimmy Burns
Publisher Pan Macmillan
Release 2018-05-31
Category Biography & Autobiography
Total Pages 312
ISBN 1509849157
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

A Financial Times Sports Books of the Year. Cristiano and Leo is the fascinating account of the lives and rivalry between two of the best footballers to ever play the game, Ronaldo and Messi, by Jimmy Burns the bestselling author of Maradona: The Hand of God. The rivalry between Ronaldo and Messi has defined football to a generation of fans – everyone has an opinion on who is the greatest. Do you prefer Ronaldo whose work ethic and physique have been honed for one purpose – scoring goals. Or Messi, whose superhuman natural talent means he can do the seemingly impossible with a football. Between them they have scored over 1300 goals, won the Ballon d’Or ten times, and taken the beautiful game to even greater heights. But statistics alone cannot do justice to their skill, athleticism and dedication to stay at the top for so long of one of the most competitive sports in the world. Cristiano and Leo tells their definitive story, from children kicking a ball halfway around the world from each other to facing each other in the epic clash El Clásico, between Real Madrid and Barcelona. This is the essential book to understand one the most compelling rivalries in sporting history.

Sport and Militarism by Michael L. Butterworth

Title Sport and Militarism
Author Michael L. Butterworth
Publisher Routledge
Release 2017-06-14
Category History
Total Pages 292
ISBN 1134990456
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

The institutional relationship between sport and the military appears to be intensifying. In the US for example, which faced global criticism for its foreign policy during the "war on terror," militaristic images are commonplace at sporting events. The growing global phenomenon of conflating sport with war calls for closer analysis. This critical, interdisciplinary and international book seeks to identify intersections of sport and militarism as a means to interrogate, interrupt and intervene on behalf of democratic, peaceful politics. Viewing sport as a crucial site in which militarism is made visible and legitimate, the book explores the connections between sport, the military and the state, and their consequent impact on wider culture. Featuring case studies on sports such as association football, baseball and athletics from countries including the US, UK, Germany, Canada, South Africa, Brazil and Japan, each chapter sheds new light on the shifting significance of sport in our society. This book is fascinating reading for all those interested in sport and politics, the sociology of sport, communication studies, the ethics and philosophy of sport, or military sociology.

Chineseness in Chile by Maria Montt Strabucchi

Title Chineseness in Chile
Author Maria Montt Strabucchi
Publisher Springer Nature
Release 2021-12-15
Category Political Science
Total Pages 236
ISBN 3030839664
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

This book explores the role of Chineseness or lo chino in the production of Chilean national identity. It does so by discussing the many voices, images, and intentions of diverse actors who contribute to stereotyping or problematizing Chineseness in Chile. The authors argue that in general, representing and perceiving China or Chineseness as the Other is part of a broader cultural and political strategy for various stakeholders to articulate Chile as either a Western country or one that is becoming-Western. The authors trace the evolution of the symbolic role that China and Chineseness play in defining racial, gendered, and class aspects of Chilean national social imaginary. In doing so, they challenge a common idea that Chineseness is a stable signifier and the simplistic perception of the ethnic Chinese as the unassimilable foreigner within the nation. In response, the authors call for a postmigrant approach to understanding identities and Chilean society beyond stubborn Orient-Occident and us-them dichotomies.

Putin s Kleptocracy by Karen Dawisha

Title Putin s Kleptocracy
Author Karen Dawisha
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Release 2015-09-22
Category History
Total Pages 464
ISBN 1476795207
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

The raging question in the world today is who is the real Vladimir Putin and what are his intentions. Karen Dawisha’s brilliant Putin’s Kleptocracy provides an answer, describing how Putin got to power, the cabal he brought with him, the billions they have looted, and his plan to restore the Greater Russia. Russian scholar Dawisha describes and exposes the origins of Putin’s kleptocratic regime. She presents extensive new evidence about the Putin circle’s use of public positions for personal gain even before Putin became president in 2000. She documents the establishment of Bank Rossiya, now sanctioned by the US; the rise of the Ozero cooperative, founded by Putin and others who are now subject to visa bans and asset freezes; the links between Putin, Petromed, and “Putin’s Palace” near Sochi; and the role of security officials from Putin’s KGB days in Leningrad and Dresden, many of whom have maintained their contacts with Russian organized crime. Putin’s Kleptocracy is the result of years of research into the KGB and the various Russian crime syndicates. Dawisha’s sources include Stasi archives; Russian insiders; investigative journalists in the US, Britain, Germany, Finland, France, and Italy; and Western officials who served in Moscow. Russian journalists wrote part of this story when the Russian media was still free. “Many of them died for this story, and their work has largely been scrubbed from the Internet, and even from Russian libraries,” Dawisha says. “But some of that work remains.”

World Archaeoprimatology by Bernardo Urbani

Title World Archaeoprimatology
Author Bernardo Urbani
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Release 2022-08-18
Category Social Science
Total Pages 560
ISBN 110880327X
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Archaeoprimatology intertwines archaeology and primatology to understand the ancient liminal relationships between humans and nonhuman primates. During the last decade, novel studies have boosted this discipline. This edited volume is the first compendium of archaeoprimatological studies ever produced. Written by a culturally diverse group of scholars, with multiple theoretical views and methodological perspectives, it includes new zooarchaeological examinations and material culture evaluations, as well as innovative uses of oral and written sources. Themes discussed comprise the survey of past primates as pets, symbolic mediators, prey, iconographic references, or living commodities. The book covers different regions of the world, from the Americas to Asia, along with studies from Africa and Europe. Temporally, the chapters explore the human-nonhuman primate interface from deep in time to more recent historical times, covering both extinct and extant primate taxa. This anthology of archaeoprimatological studies will be of interest to archaeologists, primatologists, anthropologists, art historians, paleontologists, conservationists, zoologists, historical ecologists, philologists, and ethnobiologists.