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Nonmodern Practices by Elisabeth Arnould-Bloomfield

Title Nonmodern Practices
Author Elisabeth Arnould-Bloomfield
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Release 2020-10-01
Category Literary Criticism
Total Pages 272
ISBN 1501354302
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

This collection of essays responds to the urgent call in the humanities to go beyond the act of negative critique which, so far, has been the dominant form of intellectual inquiry in academia. The contributors take their inspiration from Bruno Latour's pragmatic, relational approach and his philosophy of hybrid world where culture is immanent to nature and knowledge is tied to the things it co-creates. In such a world, nature, society, and discourse relate to, rather than negate, each other. The 11 essays, ranging from early modern humanism and modern theorization of literature to contemporary political ecology and animal studies, propose new productive ways of thinking, reading, and writing with, not against, the world. In carrying out concrete practices that are inclusive, rather than exclusive, contributors strive to exemplify a form of scholarship that might be better attuned to the concerns of our post-humanist era.

The Knowledge Contract by David B. Downing

Title The Knowledge Contract
Author David B. Downing
Publisher U of Nebraska Press
Release 2005-01-01
Category Education
Total Pages 339
ISBN 0803217307
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

The Knowledge Contract intervenes in the ongoing debates about the changing conditions of higher education in America, with a special focus on English studies and the humanities. This highly original study integrates three crucial concerns: the economic restructuring of higher education, the transformation of disciplinary models of teaching and research, and the rise of the academic labor movement. ø Whereas most contemporary critiques of higher education have focused on the impact of global economic forces, The Knowledge Contract adds a new dimension to the discussion by addressing the tensions between disciplinary and nondisciplinary forms of academic work. David B. Downing draws on several traditions of scholarship: histories of the university, sociological studies of education, critiques of disciplinary and interdisciplinary forms of work, histories of academic capitalism and the labor movement, and field-specific analyses of the history of English studies. Building on his analysis, Downing develops alternative possibilities to the dominance of disciplinary forms of labor and offers scenarios for creating more equitable working and learning conditions for faculty and students.

The Law of Possession by William Sturman Sax

Title The Law of Possession
Author William Sturman Sax
Publisher Oxford University Press
Release 2015
Category Religion
Total Pages 273
ISBN 019027574X
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Rituals combining healing with spirit possession and court-like proceedings are found around the world and throughout history. For example, a person suffers from an illness that cannot be cured, and in order to be healed he performs a ritual involving prosecution and defense, a judge and witnesses. Divine beings give evidence through human oracles, spirits possess their human victims and are exorcized, and local gods intervene to provide healing and justice. Such practices seem to be the very antithesis of modernity and many modern, secular states have systematically attempted to eliminate them. Why are such rituals largely absent from modern societies, and what happens to them when the state attempts to expunge them from their health and justice systems, or even to criminalize them? Despite the prevalence of rituals involving some or all of these elements, The Law of Possession represents the first attempt to compare and analyze them systematically. The volume brings together historical and contemporary case studies from East Asia, South Asia, and Africa, and argues that, despite consistent attempts by states to discourage, eliminate, and criminalize them, such rituals persist and even thrive because they meet widespread human needs.

Title Women Readers in French Painting 1870 890
Author Kathryn Brown
Publisher Routledge
Release 2017-07-05
Category Art
Total Pages 254
ISBN 1351536656
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

The first monograph to examine the depiction of reading women in French art of the early Third Republic, Women Readers in French Painting 1870-1890 evaluates the pictorial significance of this imagery, its critical reception, and its impact on notions of femininity and social relations. Covering a broad range of paintings, prints, and sculptures, this book shows how the liseuse was subjected to unprecedented levels of pictorial innovation by artists with widely differing aesthetic aims and styles. Depictions of readers are interpreted as contributions to changing notions of public and private life, female agency, and women's participation in cultural and political debates beyond the domestic household. This highly original book explores images of women readers from a range of social classes in both urban and rural settings. Such images are shown to have articulated concerns about the impact of female literacy on labour environments and family life while, in many cases, challenging conventions of gendered reading. Kathryn Brown also presents an alternative way of conceiving of modernity in relation to nineteenth-century art, a methodological departure from much recent art historical literature. Artists discussed range from Manet, Cassatt and Degas, to less familiar figures such as Lavieille, Carri?, Toulmouche and Tissot.

Title Rereading Power and Freedom in J S Mill
Author Bruce David Baum
Publisher University of Toronto Press
Release 2000-01-01
Category Philosophy
Total Pages 380
ISBN 9780802083159
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Baum recovers lost dimensions of Mill's thought, and in so doing, contributes to a critical sociology of freedom for our our time like workers' co-operatives & women's rights.

New Romantic Cyborgs by Mark Coeckelbergh

Title New Romantic Cyborgs
Author Mark Coeckelbergh
Publisher MIT Press
Release 2017-02-24
Category Science
Total Pages 332
ISBN 0262035464
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

An account of the complex relationship between technology and romanticism that links nineteenth-century monsters, automata, and mesmerism with twenty-first-century technology's magic devices and romantic cyborgs. Romanticism and technology are widely assumed to be opposed to each other. Romanticism—understood as a reaction against rationalism and objectivity—is perhaps the last thing users and developers of information and communication technology (ICT) think about when they engage with computer programs and electronic devices. And yet, as Mark Coeckelbergh argues in this book, this way of thinking about technology is itself shaped by romanticism and obscures a better and deeper understanding of our relationship to technology. Coeckelbergh describes the complex relationship between technology and romanticism that links nineteenth-century monsters, automata, and mesmerism with twenty-first-century technology's magic devices and romantic cyborgs. Coeckelbergh argues that current uses of ICT can be interpreted as attempting a marriage of Enlightenment rationalism and romanticism. He describes the “romantic dialectic,” when this new kind of material romanticism, particularly in the form of the cyborg as romantic figure, seems to turn into its opposite. He shows that both material romanticism and the objections to it are still part of modern thinking, and part of the romantic dialectic. Reflecting on what he calls “the end of the machine,” Coeckelbergh argues that to achieve a more profound critique of contemporary technologies and culture, we need to explore not only different ways of thinking but also different technologies—and that to accomplish the former we require the latter.

Title Reframing International Development
Author Nelson W. Keith
Publisher SAGE Publications
Release 1997-09-04
Category Political Science
Total Pages 327
ISBN 1452249954
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Attempts to theorize contemporary globalization rarely stray beyond variations on old themes of superordination versus subordination. Yet there are many new definers of our present global reality - depletion of strategic resources, degradation of our environment, counter-offensives against modern patterns of thought and action - which suggest that a new framework of global relations is needed. Nelson Keith challenges the presumptions upon which Western notions of the world have rested, and sounds a call to forge a world order more sensitive to all of its representative voices.

Title Transformative Action for Sustainable Outcomes
Author Maria Sandberg
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Release 2022-04-11
Category Business & Economics
Total Pages 168
ISBN 100060330X
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

This book critically examines sustainability challenges that humankind faces and offers responsible organising as a solution in responding to these challenges. The text explores how different actors can responsibly organise for transformative action towards sustainable outcomes, as expressed in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Responsible refers to a reflexive understanding of how to organise in times of sustainability challenges. Organising refers to activities and practices where different actors take transformative action together. This comprehensive edited collection of short, clear, concise, and compelling chapters brings together scholars in a range of disciplines and blends theoretical perspectives to study humans and social interactions, organisations, nonhumans, and living environments. It offers topical examples from across the world and from organising of companies and other organisations, supply chains, networks, ecosystems, and markets. The book is written for scholars and students across the social sciences and humanities as well as for practitioners working with the SDGs. It discusses complex issues in an informative and engaging way. It is critical and collaborative. The book serves as an introduction to key themes and perspectives of responsible organising and offers new insights on connections between themes and perspectives.

Without History by Jose Rabasa

Title Without History
Author Jose Rabasa
Publisher University of Pittsburgh Press
Release 2010-06
Category History
Total Pages 369
ISBN 082297374X
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Rabasa offers new interpretations of the meaning of history from indigenous perspectives and develops the concept of a communal temporality that is not limited by time, but rather exists within the individual, community, and culture as a living knowledge that links both past and present. Rabasa recalls the works of Marx, Lenin, and Gramsci, and contemporary south Asian subalternists Ranajit Guha and Dipesh Chakrabarty, among others. He incorporates their conceptions of communality, insurgency, resistance to hegemonic governments, and the creation of autonomous spaces as strategies employed by indigenous groups around the globe, but goes further in defining these strategies as millennial and deeply rooted in Mesoamerican antiquity.

Title Questioning Nineteenth Century Assumptions about Knowledge III
Author Richard E. Lee
Publisher State University of New York Press
Release 2010-11-30
Category Social Science
Total Pages 211
ISBN 143843409X
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

A provocative survey of interdisciplinary challenges to the concept of dualism.