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Total Surrender by Matthew Terrill

Title Total Surrender
Author Matthew Terrill
Publisher FriesenPress
Release 2014-04-28
Category Religion
Total Pages 176
ISBN 1460232011
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Why is it such a struggle for us to surrender everything to God? What does surrendering to God even look like and how are we supposed to do it? Why is it so hard for us to live the life that Jesus died to give us? Is life really supposed to be one constant struggle after another? One of the hardest things to do in life is to let go, giving God everything and never looking back. Laying it all down, never picking it up is the only way we can walk through this dark unfair world shinning and burning brightly for Jesus. Wanting control over our lives is the struggle that many Christians face and the turmoil of that fight is constantly lurking deep in our hearts. For many know what to do, but few actually do it: surrender. When a person holds onto frustration, bitterness, and the injustices of life their pain slowly evolves into chains that hold him down, disabling him to walk through life with peace, love, joy, and compassion. The only way to truly live is to die to our selfish nature every day and cast all of our burdens at the feet of Jesus.

Title Through My Eyes Frame by Frame
Author Jeffrey Adam
Publisher Fulton Books, Inc.
Release 2017-08-03
Category Fiction
Total Pages 202
ISBN 1633386112
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

My poems consist of everyday events, not just about my life, but things I watch on television and in the media. I have a collage of writings that includes poetry I had written for friends, including birthday gifts and Christmas gifts over the years. I love topics such as the economy, history, politics, and have included them in some of my works I have collected. A great amount of topic matters I have created were written as prayers to God. Verbal prayer is something that I have struggled with

Into the Black by Peter J. Westwick

Title Into the Black
Author Peter J. Westwick
Publisher Yale University Press
Release 2008-10-01
Category History
Total Pages 416
ISBN 0300134584
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

divIn the decades since the mid-1970s, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, has led the quest to explore the farthest reaches of the solar system. JPL spacecraft—Voyager, Magellan, Galileo, the Mars rovers, and others—have brought the planets into close view. JPL satellites and instruments also shed new light on the structure and dynamics of earth itself, while their orbiting observatories opened new vistas on the cosmos. This comprehensive book recounts the extraordinary story of the lab's accomplishments, failures, and evolution from 1976 to the present day. This history of JPL encompasses far more than the story of the events and individuals that have shaped the institution. It also engages wider questions about relations between civilian and military space programs, the place of science and technology in American politics, and the impact of the work at JPL on the way we imagine the place of humankind in the universe./DIV

Hopeful Monsters by Roger McKnight

Title Hopeful Monsters
Author Roger McKnight
Publisher STORGY Books
Release 2019-08-09
Category Fiction
Total Pages 270
ISBN 1999890752
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

EBOOK PUBLICATION DATE: 9th August 2019 PAPERBACK PUBLICATION DATE: 30th August 2019 “Roger McKnight is a very slick writer with an incredibly quirky sensibility. Miss him at your own peril.” – Mark SaFranko – "‘Hopeful Monsters’ is one of the best collections of linked stories I’ve ever read.” – Donald Ray Pollock – “These are stories full of compassion and humanity that beautifully evoke the plains of Minnesota from an exciting and authentic new voice in American letters.” – James Miller – “Hopeful Monsters features an array of intriguing characters brought to life through elegant, often gritty specificity that illuminates what it is to be human.” – Adam Lock – "In the carefully rendered world of this collection, chance and circumstance bring disappointment and struggle, but also moments of precious hope.” – Wendy Erskine – “This collection shows me why I read stories – to see beneath the surface of real lives and remember that I am not alone.” – Jason Brown – "Roger McKnight's prose tip toes across a vast landscape of sentiment, leaving the reader curious to learn more and hopeful like his monsters.” – Michelle Blair Wilker – “This is what we talk about when we talk about hope. The prose is incandescent, the characters riveting, the themes complex. Roger McKnight is one savvy, lyrical, and fearless writer.” – John Dufresne – HOPEFUL MONSTERS Roger McKnight’s debut collection depicts individuals hampered by hardship, self-doubt, and societal indifference, who thanks to circumstance or chance, find glimmers of hope in life’s more inauspicious moments. Hopeful Monsters is a fictional reflection on Minnesota’s people that explores the state’s transformation from a homogeneous northern European ethnic enclave to a multi-national American state. Love, loss, and longing cross the globe from Somalia and Sweden to Maine and Minnesota as everyday folk struggle for self-realization. Idyllic lake sides and scorching city streets provide authentic backdrops for a collection that shines a flickering light on vital global social issues. Read and expect howling winds, both literal and figurative, directed your way by a writer of immense talent. ROGER MCKNIGHT Roger McKnight hails from Little Egypt, a traditional farming and coal-mining region in downstate Illinois. He studied and taught English in Chicago, Sweden, and Puerto Rico. Roger relocated to Minnesota and taught Swedish and Scandinavian Studies. He now lives in the North Star State. “There’s an interesting fusion within the stories. Larger, universal and global issues such as poverty, race and injustice are picked apart, but from a Minnesotan point of view. Wherever you are in the world, this pedestal will provide a fresh take on opinion and assumption, and definitely leave readers understanding themselves and the world that little bit better. Ultimately we learn that all humans, wherever they live and whatever their circumstance, exist according to a series of common threads. It’s a sobering read and is ideal for large group discussion settings such as book clubs and universities. There really is something here for everyone.” – PR for Books – “What I adored most about Hopeful Monsters was the fact that Roger highlighted the plight of several vulnerable groups within his stories. He wasn’t afraid to discuss sensitive topics such as suicide, homelessness, addiction, and mental health, creating an array of intriguing characters and scenarios to give a voice to the forgotten in our society.” – Dan Stubbings – The Dimensions Between Worlds

Radical Friendship by Kate Johnson

Title Radical Friendship
Author Kate Johnson
Publisher Shambhala Publications
Release 2021-08-24
Category Family & Relationships
Total Pages 232
ISBN 0834843242
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

A case for friendship as a radical practice of love, courage, and trust, and seven strategies that pave the way for profound social change. Grounded in the Buddha’s teachings on spiritual friendship, Radical Friendship shares seven strategies to help us embody our deepest values in all of our relationships. Drawing on her experiences as a leading meditation teacher, as well as personal stories of growing up multiracial in a racist world, Kate Johnson brings a fresh take on time-honored wisdom to help us connect more authentically with ourselves, with our friends and family, and within our communities. The divides we experience within us and between us are not only a threat to our physical and emotional health—they are also the weapons and the outcomes of structural oppression. But through wise relationships, it is possible to transform the barriers created by societal injustice. Johnson leads us on a journey to becoming better friends by offering ways to show up for our own and each other’s liberation at every stage of a relationship. Each chapter ends with a meditation or reflection practice to help readers cultivate vibrant, harmonious, revolutionary friendships. Radical Friendship offers a path of depth and hope and shows us the importance of working toward collective wellbeing, one relationship at a time.

Managed Funds For Dummies by Colin Davidson

Title Managed Funds For Dummies
Author Colin Davidson
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Release 2011-09-19
Category Business & Economics
Total Pages 376
ISBN 073037646X
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Created especially for the Australian customer! Find your way through the managed fund maze and make the most of your investments! Multi-sector equities? Concentrated funds? How about index funds? If you're being deafened by the volume of investment options, this accessible and informative guide shows you the way! Find the best fund for your needs with lots of insider tips. Make smart investment decisions that will pave your way to financial success! Understand what makes a managed fund tick — how managed funds differ from other investments Work out your investor profile — weighing up the level of risk you're willing to take to reap your rewards Appreciate class and style — how a mix of asset class and management style can produce the results you're after Identify the key players — what makes some funds stand out and what keeps them on top of the pile Calculate the costs — deciphering fees and commissions and making sure you're not paying too much Make sense of ratings — what the ratings agencies do and how you can get your head around their research Learn the tricks of the trade — easy tips and strategies for buying, selling and monitoring your fund Analyse fund performance — how to assess returns to enhance your investment success Open the book and find: Charts and tables to illustrate how managed funds work Checklists for understanding reports and filling in the forms Concise descriptions of the different fund types Useful websites for funds and regulators Tips for managing your own investment portfolio A comprehensive glossary to cut through the jargon Learn to: Understand the pros and cons of investing in Australian managed funds Find the best types of managed funds to meet your financial goals Implement investment strategies to maximise your money Identify risks and returns

Report of the Annual Meeting by British Association for the Advancement of Science

Title Report of the Annual Meeting
Author British Association for the Advancement of Science
Release 1867
Total Pages
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Title Falling for the Rebel Heir
Author Ally Blake
Publisher Harlequin
Release 2008-03-01
Category Fiction
Total Pages 192
ISBN 1426813910
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

All she wants is to feel safe Never going beyond the boundaries of her small town, Kendall York craves safety and security since the accident that injured her and claimed her fiancé's life. Danger is his middle name Returning from his latest assignment as a war-zone correspondent, risk-taker Hudson Bennington III finds Kendall swimming in the pool at his estate, and is enchanted. Will she say yes to this rebel's proposal? Their lives and ambitions are so different, but he's vowed to ease the pain of her past. Can Kendall trust that he'll be around for her future?

Secretly by T.J. Simpson

Title Secretly
Author T.J. Simpson
Publisher Page Publishing Inc
Release 2021-08-10
Category Fiction
Total Pages 70
ISBN 1645448282
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Mike is contacted by his after searching for him for many years. He is talked into coming back home, only to learn that his sister lied to him and has to deal with events of the past—the secrets that had to be kept in the dark and behind closed doors of that era.