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The Memeing of Life by Kind Studio

Title The Memeing of Life
Author Kind Studio
Publisher Laurence King Publishing
Release 2019-10-22
Category Humor
Total Pages 0
ISBN 9781786275189
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Welcome reader. Please, make yourself comfortable: pull your chair nearer the fire, put your feet up on the dog, settle your cheeks into the toilet seat. This is The Memeing of Life, an exhaustive, exhausting, guide to the world of internet memes. Perhaps you have no idea what a meme is, so have bought this little book to expand your small mind. Possibly you're the sort of friendless berk who is already an expert but has picked the book up in order to poke holes in it. Whoever you are, wherever you're from, you're in the right place: prepare to learn everything you need to know about the greatest thing the internet has to offer – memes! • Intrigued by memes? Wondering what makes them tick, go viral and where they come from? Also in need of a laugh? This is the book for you! • An entertaining journey through the history, highlights and world–wide domination of memes • All the best of glorious memedom included, from Bad Luck Brian to Distracted Boyfriend via Harambe the Gorilla and Hide the Pain Harold. Some topics covered: • Basic memes • Political memes and their agency • Memes as an outlet for despair and anxiety • Animal memes • Sex and love in the world of memes • Schadenfreude in internet humour • Memes and the real world • The dark underbelly of memes • Wholesome memes

Title The Memeing of Mark Fisher
Author Mike Watson
Publisher John Hunt Publishing
Release 2021-09-24
Category Philosophy
Total Pages 110
ISBN 1789049342
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

The Frankfurt School meets Fisher in this critique of capitalism incorporating memes, mental illness and psychedelia into a proposed counterculture. Spring 2020 to 2021 was the year that did not take place. We witnessed a depression, not economically speaking, but in the psychological sense: A clinical depression of and by society itself. This depression was brought about not just by Covid isolation, but by the digital economy, fueled by social media and the meme. In the aftermath, this book revisits the main Frankfurt School theorists, Adorno, Horkheimer, Benjamin and Marcuse, who worked in the shadow of World War Two, during the rise of the culture industry. In examining their thoughts and drawing parallels with Fisher's Capitalist Realism, The Memeing of Mark Fisher aims to render the Frankfurt School as an incisive theoretical toolbox for the post-Covid digital age. Taking in the phenomena of QAnon, twitch streaming, and memes it argues that the dichotomy between culture and political praxis is a false one. Finally, as more people have access to the means for theoretical and cultural broadcasting, it is urged that the online left uses that access to build a real life cultural and political movement.

Title Greedy Notes from a Bisexual Who Wants Too Much
Author Jen Winston
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Release 2021-10-05
Category Biography & Autobiography
Total Pages 336
ISBN 1982179171
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

If Jen Winston knows one thing, it's that she's bisexual. Wait-maybe she isn't? Actually, she definitely is. Unless ... she's not? Winston's hilarious, whip-smart debut takes us inside her relatable journey of self-discovery, navigating questions like: What does it mean to be "queer enough"? Is it possible to masturbate wrong? How do you overcome bi stereotypes when you're the poster child for all of them: indecisive, slutty, and constantly confused? With shrewd wit and refreshing candor, Greedy offers an intimate look at gender, sexuality, memes, DMs, threesomes, ghosting, and other realities of modern love. Winston makes mistakes so we don't have to, reminding us that queerness is about so much more than who you sleep with -it's about truth, community, and defining yourself on your own terms. Greedy is your laugh-out-loud, provocative companion for imagining the world as it could be-the perfect book for anyone who wants, and deserves, to be seen. Book jacket.

Title AIxIA 2021 Advances in Artificial Intelligence
Author Stefania Bandini
Publisher Springer Nature
Release 2022-07-18
Category Computers
Total Pages 720
ISBN 3031084217
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

​This book constitutes revised selected papers from the refereed proceedings of the 20th International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence, AIxIA 2021, which was held virtually in December 2021. The 36 full papers included in this book were carefully reviewed and selected from 58 submissions; the volume also contains 12 extended and revised workshop contributions. The papers were organized in topical sections as follows: Planning and strategies; constraints, argumentation, and logic programming; knowledge representation, reasoning, and learning; natural language processing; AI for content and social media analysis; signal processing: images, videos and speech; machine learning for argumentation, explanation, and exploration; machine learning and applications; and AI applications.

Art and Science by Sîan Ede

Title Art and Science
Author Sîan Ede
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Release 2012-11-13
Category Art
Total Pages 224
ISBN 0857732803
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Is science the new art? Scientists weave incredible stories, invent wild hypotheses and ask difficult questions about the meaning of life. They have insights into the workings of our bodies and minds which challenge the myths we make about our identities and selves. They create visual images, models and scenarios that are gruesome, baffling or beguiling. They say and do things that are ethically and politically shocking. Contemporary scientists frequently talk about 'beauty' and 'elegance'; artists hardly ever do. While demonstrating how science is affecting the creation and interpretation of contemporary art, this book proposes that artistic insights are as important on their own terms as those in science and that we can and should accommodate both forms of knowledge. Featuring the work of artists such as Damien Hirst, Christine Borland, Bill Viola and Helen Chadwick, and art-science collaborative ventures involving Dorothy Cross, Eduardo Kac and Stelarc, it looks at the way new scientific explanations for the nature of human consciousness can influence our interpretation of art, at the squeamish interventions being produced by artists relishing in new technologies and at art which takes on the dangers facing the fragile environment. Seeing the world from the other point of view can inform the practice of both sides - this book will provide new insights to artists, scientists and the wider public.

Turning the Hiram Key by Robert Lomas

Title Turning the Hiram Key
Author Robert Lomas
Release 2005
Category Freemasonry
Total Pages 404
ISBN 9781610595506
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

The Ape that Understood the Universe by Steve Stewart-Williams

Title The Ape that Understood the Universe
Author Steve Stewart-Williams
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Release 2019-11-21
Category Psychology
Total Pages
ISBN 1108776035
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

The Ape that Understood the Universe is the story of the strangest animal in the world: the human animal. It opens with a question: How would an alien scientist view our species? What would it make of our sex differences, our sexual behavior, our altruistic tendencies, and our culture? The book tackles these issues by drawing on two major schools of thought: evolutionary psychology and cultural evolutionary theory. The guiding assumption is that humans are animals, and that like all animals, we evolved to pass on our genes. At some point, however, we also evolved the capacity for culture - and from that moment, culture began evolving in its own right. This transformed us from a mere ape into an ape capable of reshaping the planet, travelling to other worlds, and understanding the vast universe of which we're but a tiny, fleeting fragment. Featuring a new foreword by Michael Shermer.

The Little Read Book by Mike Arblaster

Title The Little Read Book
Author Mike Arblaster
Publisher Troubador Publishing Ltd
Release 2015-12-03
Category Biography & Autobiography
Total Pages 320
ISBN 178462456X
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

A book of faction – facts disguised as fiction and fiction disguised as fact – in the form of quotations, observations, word games and decidedly different definitions. The Little Read Book takes a sideways (and sometimes full frontal) look at life, the universe and almost everything, from the art of accountancy to zapping a couple of jars of zythum down at the Giza Khufu Bar. If you want a witty riposte, ammunition for a speech or just a funny, thought-provoking read, then this is the book for you. If there are clever clogs you can never find a present for, then this is the book for them. You’re guaranteed to find something to make you laugh, shake your head in disbelief or nod it in recognition, or just reflect on the insane, inane, sometimes lethal and invariably comic world we all call home. It’s original, it’s funny, sometimes wise, sometimes groan-making – but mostly, The Little Read Book is all about having fun with words and ideas.

Time by

Title Time
Release 1999-04
Total Pages 1082
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Living on a Meme by Richard Telofski

Title Living on a Meme
Author Richard Telofski
Publisher iUniverse
Release 2012
Category Business & Economics
Total Pages 308
ISBN 1462071988
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Living on a Meme - How Anti-Corporate Activists Bend the Truth, and You, to Get What They Want is about the NGOs and activist groups that engage corporations adversarially and how they use "meme" to further their anti-corporate agendas. What's meme? Say the word as meeeeeem. The dictionary says that a meme is an idea that spreads from one person to another. And thanks to today's Internet, memes get started, spread, and believed in a flash, whether they are true or not, making them formidable tools for groups that damage company reputations. Here in his fifth book, author Richard Telofski takes an in-depth look at anti-corporate NGOs and activist groups that use memes cleverly to "compete" with the image of the companies they target. These groups unabashedly use unchallenged memes to bribe people to their side of their anti-corporate argument. Bribe? Yes. By leveraging a meme, these groups bribe people with something, a way to feel better about themselves, often with scant or no support of the meme. Through their "meme-mangling," adversarial NGOs and activists can impose undeserved damage on corporate reputations, costing market share, revenue, and jobs, maybe one of them yours. These organizations are truly competitors, not only to the individual corporations that they target, but also to the economic system in general. Living on a Meme is compiled from a selection of articles published on Richard's Web site,, between August 1, 2009 through August 3, 2010. But, many of these writings are more essay than article. Within the essays in this book, you'll find insights, theories, as well as specific facts and analysis on how certain NGOs and activist groups operate online and offline to sap companies of their vital reputation. By reading this book, you'll discover how these "irregular" competitors make use of existing cultural memes, true or not, and how they contribute to those memes, strengthening them and contributing to the degradation of a company's image. Don't worry. This book isn't just a repackaging of blog postings. You're going to get more than that. At the end of each chapter you will find bonus "Take-Aways." Those Take-Aways are critical analyses of the essays in the chapter, pointing out for you how what was just discussed relates to an NGO's or activist's reliance of living on a meme or their hope that YOU are living on THEIR meme for them. You'll also find in this book 23 exclusive essays that appear only in this book. So, start your journey now into the understanding of how anti-corporate NGOs and activists bend the truth, and the beliefs of people, to get what they want.