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Seed Libraries by Cindy Conner

Title Seed Libraries
Author Cindy Conner
Publisher New Society Publishers
Release 2015-02-01
Category Gardening
Total Pages 192
ISBN 155092575X
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Community-based initiatives to preserve and protect our food supply Historically, seed companies were generally small, often family-run businesses. Because they were regionally based, they could focus on varieties well-suited to the local environment. A Pacific Northwest company, for example, would specialize in different cultivars than a company based in the Southeast. However the absorption of these small, independent seed businesses into large multinationals, combined with the advancement of biotechnology resulting in hybrids and GMO seeds, has led to a serious loss of genetic diversity. The public is now at the mercy of the corporations that control the seeds. In the past few years, gardeners have realized the inherent danger in this situation. A growing movement is striving to preserve and expand our stock of heritage and heirloom varieties through seed saving and sharing opportunities. Seed Libraries is a practical guide to saving seeds through community programs, including: Step-by-step instructions for setting up a seed library A wealth of ideas to help attract patrons and keep the momentum going Profiles of existing libraries and other types of seed saving partnerships Whoever controls the seeds controls the food supply. By empowering communities to preserve and protect the genetic diversity of their harvest, Seed Libraries is the first step towards reclaiming our self-reliance while enhancing food security and ensuring that the future of food is healthy, vibrant, tasty, and nutritious. Cindy Conner is a permaculture educator, founder of Homeplace Earth and producer of two popular instructional gardening DVDs. She is also the author of Grow a Sustainable Diet .

Title Audio Recorders to Zucchini Seeds Building a Library of Things
Author Mark Robison
Publisher ABC-CLIO
Release 2017-05-30
Category Language Arts & Disciplines
Total Pages 271
ISBN 1440850208
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

This inspiring exploration of the range of options for a "library of things" collection demonstrates what has been implemented successfully and offers practical insights regarding these nontraditional projects, from the development of concepts to the everyday realities of maintaining and circulating these collections. • Documents the plan and launch phases of nontraditional collections that will help readers who are entertaining the idea of starting their own "things" project • Explains how these collections support the mission of a library: supporting teaching, serving a unique population (such as small liberal arts colleges), and providing for a community need • Spotlights some of the most frequently cited nontraditional collections, including the Tool Lending Library at Berkeley Public, the Library of Things at Sacramento Public, and the unique holdings of Alaska Resources Library and Information Services (ARLIS) • Presents contributions from both public and academic librarians, representing libraries ranging from the small to the very large

Community Seed Banks by Ronnie Vernooy

Title Community Seed Banks
Author Ronnie Vernooy
Publisher Routledge
Release 2015-05-15
Category Nature
Total Pages 270
ISBN 1134608535
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Community seed banks first appeared towards the end of the 1980s, established with the support of international and national non-governmental organizations. This book is the first to provide a global review of their development and includes a wide range of case studies. Countries that pioneered various types of community seed banks include Bangladesh, Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Nepal, Nicaragua, the Philippines and Zimbabwe. In the North, a particular type of community seed bank emerged known as a seed-savers network. Such networks were first established in Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA before spreading to other countries. Over time, the number and diversity of seed banks has grown. In Nepal, for example, there are now more than 100 self-described community seed banks whose functions range from pure conservation to commercial seed production. In Brazil, community seed banks operate in various regions of the country. Surprisingly, despite 25 years of history and the rapid growth in number, organizational diversity and geographical coverage of community seed banks, recognition of their roles and contributions has remained scanty. The book reviews their history, evolution, experiences, successes and failures (and reasons why), challenges and prospects. It fills a significant gap in the literature on agricultural biodiversity and conservation, and their contribution to food sovereignty and security.

Title Promoting Biodiversity in Food Systems
Author Irana W. Hawkins
Publisher CRC Press
Release 2018-10-25
Category Medical
Total Pages 368
ISBN 1351816306
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Biodiversity of the food system is crucial for food production and loss of biodiversity is a pressing issue. This book focuses on biodiversity’s crucial role in food systems, health and well-being, and fate of the natural environment. It provides practical recommendations on how proper food systems can sustain a healthier planet and protect biodiversity. Sections provide a comprehensive understanding of the urgent need for promoting biodiversity-promoting food systems that help maintain planetary boundaries that are at risk; mimic the natural processes of highly integrated ecosystems; and improve human/planetary health while providing a wholesome and sufficient food supply.

Innovation in Public Libraries by Kirstie Nicholson

Title Innovation in Public Libraries
Author Kirstie Nicholson
Publisher Chandos Publishing
Release 2017-02-23
Category Language Arts & Disciplines
Total Pages 158
ISBN 0081012969
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Innovation in Public Libraries: Learning from International Library Practice examines the recent activities of successful and innovative libraries around the world, presenting their initiatives in areas including library design, events and programs, and creating customer experiences. This timely guide provides an overview of these libraries’ successful experiences and identifies emerging global trends and themes. The author offers library practitioners guidance on how to pursue these trends in their own library environment, identifying achievable goals when planning building and design improvements, and developing customer interactions in order to emulate the experiences of international libraries. Presents a range of successful and innovative practices in one book, covering library innovation in building design, programs and events, and in customer experience and approach Provides an international perspective on library activities, with libraries in different countries discussed Analyzes the experiences of various libraries to identify common trends and themes Provides practical advice for librarians who wish to emulate the activities of the libraries discussed, with recommended goals to action Examines both the big picture of emerging global trends and themes, as well as highlighting the daily experiences of individual libraries

Title The Food Activist Handbook
Author Ali Berlow
Publisher Storey Publishing
Release 2015-06-13
Category House & Home
Total Pages 320
ISBN 1603429298
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

One person really can make a difference. From starting neighborhood kitchens to connecting food pantries with local family farms, Ali Berlow offers a variety of simple and practical strategies for improving your community’s food quality and security. Learn how your actions can keep money in the local economy, reduce the carbon footprint associated with food transportation, and preserve local landscapes. The Food Activist Handbook gives you the know-how and inspiration to create a better world, one meal at a time.

The Story of Seeds by Nancy Castaldo

Title The Story of Seeds
Author Nancy Castaldo
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Release 2016-02-23
Category Young Adult Nonfiction
Total Pages 144
ISBN 0544320255
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Something as small as a seed can have a worldwide impact. Did you know there are top-secret seed vaults hidden throughout the world? And once a seed disappears, that’s it—it’s gone forever? With the growth of genetically modified foods, the use of many seeds is dwindling—of 80,000 edible plants, only about 150 are being cultivated. With a global cast of men and women, scientists and laypeople, and photographic documentation, Nancy Castaldo chronicles where our food comes from, and more importantly, where it is going as she digs deeper into the importance of seeds in our world. This empowering book also calls young adult readers to action with suggestions as to how they can preserve the variety of one of our most valuable food sources through simple everyday actions. Readers of Michael Pollen will enjoy the depth and fascinatingly intricate social economy of seeds.

Seedtime by Scott Chaskey

Title Seedtime
Author Scott Chaskey
Publisher Rodale
Release 2014-01-21
Category Gardening
Total Pages 222
ISBN 1609615034
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

A poet and farmer aims to preserve ecological integrity through a discussion of the history, lore and importance of seeds through the ages, as important now to human sustenance as ever before, particularly in the face of the spreading use of GMOs.

Farm to Table by Darryl Benjamin

Title Farm to Table
Author Darryl Benjamin
Publisher Chelsea Green Publishing
Release 2016
Category Food service
Total Pages 253
ISBN 1603586725
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

In Farm to Table, Darryl Benjamin and Chef Lyndon Virkler explore both the roots of our current, corporate food system malaise, and the response by small farmers, food co-ops, chefs and restaurateurs, institutions, and many more, to replace the status quo with something more healthy, fair, just, and delicious. Today's consumers are demanding increase accountability from food growers and purveyors. Farm to Table illuminates the best practices and strategies for schools, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and other businesses and institutions, to partner with local farmers and food producers, from purchasing to marketing. Readers will also learn about the various alternative techniques that farms are employing - from permaculture to rotation-intensive grazing - to produce better tasting and more nutritious food, restore environmental health, and meet consumer demand. A one-of-a-kind resource, Farm to Table shows how to integrate truly sustainable principles into every juncture of our evolving food system.--COVER.

Makerspaces by John J. Burke

Title Makerspaces
Author John J. Burke
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Release 2018-01-23
Category Language Arts & Disciplines
Total Pages 208
ISBN 1538108194
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

This A-Z guidebook on makerspaces is jam-packed with resources, advice, and information to help you develop and fund your own makerspace from the ground up. Readers are introduced to makerspace equipment, new technologies, models for planning and assessing projects, and useful case studies.