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Title The 10 Rules of Successful Nations
Author Ruchir Sharma
Publisher Penguin UK
Release 2020-04-09
Category Business & Economics
Total Pages 256
ISBN 0141992816
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

This short primer distils Ruchir Sharma's decades of global analytic experience into ten rules for identifying nations that are poised to take off or crash. A wake-up call to economists who failed to foresee every recent crisis, including the cataclysm of 2008, 10 Rules is full of insights on signs of political, economic, and social change. Sharma explains, for example, why autocrats are bad for the economy; robots are a blessing, not a curse; and consumer prices don't tell you all you need to know about inflation. He shows how currency crises begin with the flight of knowledgeable locals, not evil foreigners; how debt crises start in private companies, not government; and why the best news for any country is none at all. Rethinking economics as a practical art, 10 Rules is a must-read for business, political and academic leaders who want to understand the most important forces that shape a nation's future.

Crossing Borders by Harry I. Chernotsky

Title Crossing Borders
Author Harry I. Chernotsky
Publisher CQ Press
Release 2021-07-12
Category Political Science
Total Pages 384
ISBN 1544378092
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Crossing Borders helps students develop a framework for understanding the various disciplines that constitute international studies by exploring the many boundaries they knowingly (and unknowingly) cross on a daily basis. Renowned authors Harry I. Chernotsky and Heidi H. Hobbs address the diverse fields of international studies—geography, politics, economics, sociology, and anthropology—giving instructors a launching point to pursue their own disciplinary interests. This bestseller not only helps students to better grasp international affairs, but also offers advice on how they can engage with global issues through study abroad, internships, and career options. Updated thoroughly to reflect recent events and trends, the Fourth Edition assesses the COVID-19 pandemic; the use of social media to interfere in elections; the role of China in trade, investment, and finance; and the tensions surrounding persistent racial and gender inequities around the world. Included with this text The online resources for your text are available via the password-protected Instructor Resource Site. Learn more

Title Airlines in a Post Pandemic World
Author Nawal K. Taneja
Publisher Routledge
Release 2021-06-09
Category Transportation
Total Pages 362
ISBN 1000385256
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

The COVID-19 pandemic represents an extraordinary inflection point that caught airlines worldwide unprepared, causing CEOs to recalibrate their business models. This book explains why this unprecedented pandemic is different from the past disruptions experienced by the airline industry during the past 50 years, and what airlines and related businesses now can do to adapt to the dramatically changed marketplace. This book presents two future scenarios: continuous improvements and elastic supply. These are considered in three specific contexts for the rebuilding of the airline business. These contexts, in the order of urgency with respect to change from the status quo, are the following. The first context is for airlines to become better prepared to deal with frequent and deeper disruptions that could be localized or globalized relating to such areas as climate change, geopolitics, and cybersecurity. The second context is to collaborate and integrate within the much broader travel ecosystem, possibly using platforms to innovate on new value systems. The third context, which has always been the case and drives the first two, is for airlines to offer real solutions to people’s travel needs, solutions developed with imagination and turbocharged innovation, even as we contemplate new technology airplanes and mobility as a service solutions. This book is recommended reading for all senior-level practitioners of airlines and related businesses, as well as aviation policy makers worldwide.

Title SBI Clerk Mains Previous Year Papers E book Solve Question Now
Release 2021-10-01
Category Study Aids
Total Pages 18
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

This SBI Clerk Mains Previous Year Papers E-book covers questions based on important sections including General/Financial Awareness, Reasoning Ability and Computer Aptitude, Quantitative Aptitude and General English. All questions are expert-curated.

Title Public Policy in Contentious Times
Author Kresl, Peter K.
Publisher Edward Elgar Publishing
Release 2021-11-09
Category Political Science
Total Pages 160
ISBN 1802200827
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

US society today is widely seen as being split into constituencies which have sequestered themselves in two or more silos, with policy discussion between them having become impossible. The treatise of this book is that denizens of the United States need not be confined in silos but, rather, that major economic policies Ð drugs, alcohol, and suicide; schooling; major economic issues; infrastructure, urban and regional policy; and the environment Ð have powerful impacts on many members of each of these silos.