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The Archetypal Universe by Renn Butler

Title The Archetypal Universe
Author Renn Butler
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release 2018-01-26
Total Pages 394
ISBN 9781976359101
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

The Archetypal Universe explores astrological patterns in human culture and self-exploration, including themes in cinema, music and art, dreams, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, and Holotropic Breathwork. Termed by some "the middle way" in astrology, archetypal astrology is deeply grounded in Greek mythology and philosophy, while also acknowledging the evolutionary potential and healing gifts represented by Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Based on decades of systematic research, this rich and comprehensive handbook is sure to be a treasured resource for beginners and professionals alike.

The Archetypal Cosmos by Keiron Le Grice

Title The Archetypal Cosmos
Author Keiron Le Grice
Publisher Floris Books
Release 2011-06-09
Category Science
Total Pages 328
ISBN 0863158501
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

The modern world is passing through a time of critical change on many levels: cultural, political, ecological and spiritual. We are witnessing the decline and dissolution of the old order, the tumult and uncertainty of a new birth. Against this background, there is an urgent need for a coherent framework of meaning to lead us beyond the growing fragmentation of culture, belief and personal identity. Keiron Le Grice argues that the developing insights of a new cosmology could provide this framework, helping us to discover an underlying order shaping our life experiences. In a compelling synthesis of the ideas of seminal thinkers from depth psychology and the new paradigm sciences, Le Grice positions the new discipline of archetypal astrology at the centre of an emerging world view that reunifies psyche and cosmos, spirituality and science, mythology and metaphysi, and enables us to see mythic gods, heroes and themes in a fresh light. He draws especially on the work of C. G. Jung, Joseph Campbell, Richard Tarnas, Fritjof Capra, David Bohm and Brian Swimme. Heralding a 'rediscovery of the gods' and the passage into a new spiritual era, The Archetypal Cosmos presents a new understanding of the role of myth and archetypal principles in our lives, one that could give a cosmic perspective and deeper meaning to our personal experiences.

Decoding Jung s Metaphysics by Bernardo Kastrup

Title Decoding Jung s Metaphysics
Author Bernardo Kastrup
Publisher John Hunt Publishing
Release 2021-02-26
Category Psychology
Total Pages 160
ISBN 1789045665
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

More than an insightful psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung was the twentieth century's greatest articulator of the primacy of mind in nature, a view whose origins vanish behind the mists of time. Underlying Jung's extraordinary body of work, and providing a foundation for it, there is a broad and sophisticated system of metaphysical thought. This system, however, is only implied in Jung's writings, so as to shield his scientific persona from accusations of philosophical speculation. The present book scrutinizes Jung’s work to distil and reveal that extraordinary, hidden metaphysical treasure: for Jung, mind and world are one and the same entity; reality is fundamentally experiential, not material; the psyche builds and maintains its body, not the other way around; and the ultimate meaning of our sacrificial lives is to serve God by providing a reflecting mirror to God’s own instinctive mentation. Embodied in this compact volume is a journey of discovery through Jungian thoughtscapes never before revealed with the depth, force and scholarly rigor you are about to encounter.

Title Exploring the Kosmic Code The Archetypal Order of the Universe
Author Robert Thomas
Publisher Holosophy
Release 2019-03-04
Category Education
Total Pages 182
ISBN 9780998444505
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Exploring theKosmic Code - the Archetypal Order of the Universe

Title Kepler s Philosophy and the New Astronomy
Author Rhonda Martens
Publisher Princeton University Press
Release 2000-10-29
Category Science
Total Pages 201
ISBN 0691050694
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Here, Rhonda Martens offers the first extended study of Kepler's philosophical views and shows how those views helped him construct and justify the new astronomy.".

The Self revelation of God by Samuel Harris

Title The Self revelation of God
Author Samuel Harris
Release 1887
Category God
Total Pages 570
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

"This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it"

Mythology for the Microcosm by A. Brian Lasater

Title Mythology for the Microcosm
Author A. Brian Lasater
Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Release 2005-12
Category Literary Criticism
Total Pages 606
ISBN 1413486584
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

About my book: Although there is nothing new under the sun, it is always useful to reevaluate old ideas and principles and express them in new and original ways. There are many books on the Kabala, but based on what I have seen and read, there is room for a comprehensive approach. Many authors leave out fundamental princi- ples altogether, like the authors who don't even mention the celestial bodies and the Zodiac. On the other hand, scholars of mythology, generally, do not even refer to astrology and the Kabala and, apparently do not recognise that the celestial bodies were the principle gods of the ancient pantheon. My approach has been to briefly discuss some of the fundamental elements of the old theologies and relate them to astrology and the Kabala from a modern perspective. Thus I have laid an essential foundation for the Kabala and astrology, and placed them the context of Greek and Roman mythology. Since I have adopted a broad perspective, the reader has a basis for pursuing these subjects in a variety of ways. I have not seen any other book that relates astrology and the Kabala to Greek and Roman mythology, the Bible, and then relates these to Mesopotamian and Egyptian mythology. The ancient theologies have many fundamental elements in common and these form key parts of the foundation of astrology and the Kabala. In addition, I have given a concise discussion of the Four Alchemical Elements, the Signs of the Zodiac and the Celestial Bodies, and placed them in a Kabalistic framework. To truly comprehend the Kabala and Astrology, it must be remembered that it is one com-plete whole, and it is broken down to make analysis practicable. Therefore I have discussed Creation and the Ten Sephiroth, the trinity in some of its forms as a sacred elements in Creation and in Man and Woman, the Four Elements and the Zodiac. Then from a mythological and theological perspective, I have looked briefly at Mesopotamia and Egyptian. As a counterweight to our cynical age, I have look-ed at the Golden Age of Atlantis, and the mythological heroes and heroines of the primordial past serve as exemplars, and encourage us to strive to attain some of Occidental Civilization's highest ideals. On the other hand, Atlantis is a warn-ing the misuse of knowledge and power leads to the destruction of civilization. Further, from a theological and mythical perspective, the Sephiroth were divine in-struments used in Creation. On a more mundane level, the Kabala and astrology are a means to know ourselves and obey the injunction, "Know Thyself" that used to be inscribed on Apollo's temple at Delphi. This book is based on the work of the ancients, whose writing is superb. The quotes in English, from the ancients, are the best part of the book, and it is a pleasure to read.

Title The Architecture of the Intelligible Universe in the Philosophy of Plotinus
Author Arthur Hilary Armstrong
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Release 2013-08-01
Category Philosophy
Total Pages 140
ISBN 1107656737
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

This 1940 book assesses how the philosopher Plotinus' hierarchy of reality fits into the wider universal order, and how the historical and philosophical tradition gave rise to Plotinus' own philosophies. The book also supplies a bibliography broken down by topic for those who wish to pursue any aspect of the text in greater depth.

The Voudon Gnostic Workbook by Michael Bertiaux

Title The Voudon Gnostic Workbook
Author Michael Bertiaux
Publisher Weiser Books
Release 2007-07-01
Category Body, Mind & Spirit
Total Pages 672
ISBN 9781578633395
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

A long-awaited new edition of the seminal text on the spiritual system that is a convergence of Gnosticism and Haitian voodoo, The Voudon Gnostic Workbook is a singular sacred work that is comprehensive in scope -- from "how to be a lucky Hoodoo" to how magick and voodoo intersect energetically, to esoteric time travel. Complete with charts and graphs and instructive interdimensional physics, The Voudon Gnostic Workbook is an "object of desire" among students of the occult. Weiser's long-anticipated republication of this rare text will be an event in the annals of esoteric publishing, as the book itself is somewhat of an "unholy grail." There are listservers devoted to it and much discussion of the mysteries held within its pages. While The Voudon Gnostic Workbook has remained a controversial book considered important for masters of metaphysics, it recently came into popular culture and renewed popularity when Grant Morrison revealed it had been the inspiration for his cult comics The Invisibles, using the cribbed time travel from Bertiaux' s masterwork. Voodoo is not an evil religion and is much misunderstood. It derives from the Dahomean Gods called the "Loa." Esoteric voodoo is actually a highly practical procedure for leading us into making contact with the deepest levels of our being and most ancient modes of consciousness. Michael Bertiaux's Voudon Gnostic Workbook is the most comprehensive and illuminating contemporary book on the subject. Launched out of a correspondence course and series of classes for students and followers of Voudon Gnosticism and the OTO, this seminal text is at once one of the most mysterious and magnificent of all esoteric books.

Alignments by Laurence Hillman

Title Alignments
Author Laurence Hillman
Publisher Lantern Books
Release 2002
Category Body, Mind & Spirit
Total Pages 154
ISBN 1590560019
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

This book argues that our life has meaning and that we are privy to know what our specific purpose is for being here. Using astrological ideas and theory, we move to the psychological setting where this information is translated into very practical therapy with tangible results. The authors have designed a book which develops practical methods to discover an individual's calling in life, enabling readers to evaluate if their lives are on or off track with this particular calling.