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The Diamond Chariot by Boris Akunin

Title The Diamond Chariot
Author Boris Akunin
Publisher Hachette UK
Release 2011-09-08
Category Fiction
Total Pages 360
ISBN 0297860690
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

A stunning and epic finale to the series, pitting Fandorin against both Ninjas and terrorists on the Trans-Siberian Express! The first of the interlinked plotlines is set in Russia during the Russo-Japanese War in 1905. Fandorin is charged with protecting the Trans-Siberian Railway from Japanese sabotage in a pacy adventure filled with double agents and ticking bombs. Then we travel back to the Japan of the late 1870s. This is the story of Fandorin's arrival and life in Yokohama, his first meeting with Masa and the martial arts education that came in so handy later. He investigates the death of a Russian ship-captain, fights for a woman, exposes double-agents in the Japanese police, fights against, and then with the ninjas, and becomes embroiled in a shocking finale that interweaves the two stories and ties up the series as a whole.

Novels by Boris Akunin by Source Wikipedia

Title Novels by Boris Akunin
Author Source Wikipedia
Release 2013-09
Total Pages 20
ISBN 9781230497044
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Commentary (novels not included). Pages: 18. Chapters: Erast Fandorin, F.M. (novel), Murder on the Leviathan, Nicholas Fandorin, She Lover of Death, Sister Pelagia, Special Assignments, The Coronation (novel), The Death of Achilles, The Diamond Chariot, The State Counsellor, The Turkish Gambit, The Winter Queen (novel). Excerpt: Erast Petrovich Fandorin (Russian: ) is a fictional 19th-century Russian detective and the hero of a series of Russian historical detective novels by Boris Akunin. The first Fandorin novel was published in Russia in 1998, and the latest was published in December 2009. More than 15 million copies of Fandorin novels have been sold as of May 2006, even though the novels were freely available from many Russian web-sites and the hard-copies were relatively expensive by Russian standards. New books in the Fandorin series typically sell over 200,000 copies in the first week alone, with an unparalleled (for mystery novels) first edition of 50,000 copies for the first books to 500,000 copies for the last. In Russia, the Fandorin series rivals The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter in popularity. The English translations of the novels have been critically acclaimed by, among others, Ruth Rendell. In the Soviet Union, detective novels enjoyed mass popularity. Although they were seen as a "low genre" by the communist officials, both local (such as Vayner brothers and Julian Semenov), and foreign detective novels have always been avidly coveted. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many trashy detective novels were published that featured a lot of gore and sex. Akunin's wife, in common with many other Russians, started to enjoy reading this genre of literature. However, she did not want to be seen reading the novels and she always wrapped them in brown paper to prevent people from seeing what she was reading. This...

The Chariot to Diamond City by Susan Ashcroft

Title The Chariot to Diamond City
Author Susan Ashcroft
Publisher Dorrance Publishing
Release 2014-11-12
Category Fiction
Total Pages 122
ISBN 1480909289
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

The Chariot to Diamond City is the remarkable and uplifting story of six children who all share the same birthday. They are each guided by a magnificent Queen hailing from a place that is very near to the “Heavenly Realm” and learn of their great mission. They were all born on Earth at precisely the time their country and the world would need them most. On the dawn of their ninth birthday the Queen embarks upon a well-orchestrated plan, hoping that together, the children will help ignite world peace by returning America to the Founding Father's original intentions . . . that their country might be the guiding light for all of humanity. The Queen invites them to join her in a leap of faith by flying toward an extraordinary journey, setting them on the path to fulfill their sacred destiny. Universal in its appeal to children and adults alike, this is a timeless tale of great importance. It encourages the reader to follow one's own heart and stand up for the dream of living in a peaceful world . . . a world based on cooperation, equality, friendship, and trust. Join these courageous children in the magic and wonder of their life-changing lessons that are at times humorous, suspenseful, heartfelt, and often challenging. They encounter a truly unique cast of unforgettable characters in one incredible experience after another and become The Guardians of Freedom!

Title The Diamond Sutra
Author Osho
Publisher Watkins Media Limited
Release 2017-06-06
Category Philosophy
Total Pages 250
ISBN 1848992521
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Written more than 25 centuries ago, the Diamond Sutra is the first text to record the Buddha's own teachings, and it remains one of the most popular.One day, after the Buddha finishes his daily walk to collect alms, a senior monk steps forth to ask how he can best help humanity. Buddha responds, and thus begins a dialogue regarding the nature of perception. Renowned spiritual teacher Osho offers his unique interpretation of the Buddha's words, writing in an easy, humorous, and conversational style that makes even the most complex ideas understandable.

The Thorn Queen by Elise Holland

Title The Thorn Queen
Author Elise Holland
Publisher SparkPress
Release 2018-09-18
Category Juvenile Fiction
Total Pages 256
ISBN 1943006806
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Welcome to Glendoch! Hidden to most, this glacial world once crackled with alchemy. Now it waits for war—divided and bound by strict rules. So when twelve-year-old Meylyne falls from a tree onto Glendoch’s sickly prince, she must flee or face imprisonment in the Shadow-Cellars. The only way she may return home is with a cure for the prince’s peculiar disease. Convinced she will perish, Meylyne and her companions embark on their journey—and before they know it, they are knee-deep in a plot to sink Glendoch into shadow, like other worlds before it. Poisoned guardians, cursed wizards, and cunning witch-spirits bound into wands are just some of the dangers that dot the way of their travels. And behind it all is the Thorn Queen. Mysteriously magnetic (or murderously vengeful, depending on whose side you’re on), she is always one step ahead of them . . .

Title Who is Who in Hindu Mythology VOL 1
Author Surya N. Maruvada
Publisher Notion Press
Release 2020-03-02
Category Religion
Total Pages 294
ISBN 1648056849
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

It is hard enough for anyone other than a dedicated scholar to read all 18 cantos of the great epic Mah?bh?rata let alone the R?m?ya?a, Bh?gavata and the many Pur???s as well. In view of this and particularly today’s fast-paced life, this book presents the stories of characters from all the books of Hindu Mythology in a compact English version. While reading a Telugu book titled ‘P?rva G?th? Lahari’, the author was surprised to discover many fascinating stories and substories even in books with which he was quite familiar. He was so impressed that he decided to make the stories accessible to a wider audience of Indians as well as the Indian diaspora by writing an English version based on the Telugu book. A few examples of surprising details will illustrate the point: • Several great warriors on the Kaurava side in the Mah?bh?rata war were known to be invincible to anyone in the P?n?ava forces. The means of making the greatest of them, Bh?shma disarm himself was devised several lifetimes earlier in Brahma’s court. • The wife of Sage Atri was able to turn the Trim?rtis into infants, and another ordinary woman was able to stop the dawn of a new day due to the spiritual power from being Pativratas. • Even Vish?u was not immune from accountability for His actions, facing hardships in one incarnation from ??pas given to Him in a previous incarnation. Whether one is inclined to read the whole book as a nonfiction narrative or use it as a reference to check particular stories, there is much here to savour.