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The Journey by Karl Olson

Title The Journey
Author Karl Olson
Publisher Archway Publishing
Release 2014-06-16
Total Pages 54
ISBN 1480808369
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

As a cabin awaits its form and purpose, an elk seeks comfort in the tall grass, and a man ventures into the woods with his ax. His goal is to find logs that will help him build the walls, floor, and roof of his new home. At the end of the day, he returns to his wagon, his family, and his dreams. As he labors day after day, finally the cabin becomes a reality. He and his family have completed their journey toward a new life--and home. With his dream now fulfilled, Anviel welcomes his wife, Lakina, and their children, Svend and Astrid, to the cabin to laugh, cry, sing, dance, pray, and give thanks for the bounty given to them. As the family ekes out an existence in the serene valley they share with an owl--whose voice haunts Anviel--despair and tribulation eventually visit. Still, the family endures year after year. The children come of age and Anviel works hard to make ends meet--until the owl calls his wife's name, leaving Anviel left wondering when his own time will come. In this poignant tale, an immigrant family embarks on a journey toward a new beginning where a lonely cabin beckons hope for the future and renews their spirit as life comes full circle.

Hermann Hesse by Harold Bloom

Title Hermann Hesse
Author Harold Bloom
Publisher Infobase Publishing
Release 2003
Category Juvenile Nonfiction
Total Pages 246
ISBN 079107398X
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

Hermann Hesse's introspective, lyrical writing won him praise from the literary world, while his sense of estrangement from industrialized civilization and endorsement of pacificism brought him wide popular approval. Winner of the Nobel Prize for The Glass Bead Game, Hesse renders life's callings in a way that has called readers to a renewed sense of purpose and possibility.

Engaged Leadership by Joan Marques

Title Engaged Leadership
Author Joan Marques
Publisher Springer
Release 2018-05-02
Category Business & Economics
Total Pages 356
ISBN 3319722212
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

This professional book examines the concept of engaged leadership. Specifically, it focuses on the need for leaders in personal and professional realms, for-profit and non-profit, to understand the importance of engagement in order to achieve enhanced satisfaction and motivation among stakeholders (including employees, shareholders, investors, supporters, customers, suppliers, the community, competitors, family, and partners), and hence, an augmented level of designed thinking, which leads to increased innovation and on-going leadership development. Divided into three sections—engaged leadership development at the personal level, implementation at the organizational level, and manifestation in practice—this book provides professionals, practitioners and policy makers as well as students with the tools and skills to lead actively and conscientiously and help them understand the importance of creativity and compassion for development. Engaged leadership operates on the fundamental principle that leaders have to first and foremost perceive themselves as leaders, and then engage in design thinking, as they will need to develop strategies to reach, encourage, and positively appeal to these stakeholder groups. Leadership is neither limited to those holding formal managerial position, nor to any particular setting. Leaders can be found everywhere, in all layers of society. Leadership is only possible, however, if one dares to perceive and define oneself as a leader. And only when leadership is adopted as a reality within one’s personal perception, can engaged leadership be applied. Featuring contributions from academics, scholars, and professionals from around the world, each providing cases, interactive questions and reflective notes, this book will be of interest to professionals, practitioners, policy makers, students and scholars interested in creative leadership, management, organizational behavior, and governance.

Title A Journey of Faith Moving from the Middle East to the West
Author Dr. Safwat Bishara
Publisher iUniverse
Release 2011-06-20
Category Biography & Autobiography
Total Pages 228
ISBN 1462022286
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

First, it describes the life of a mainstream, Christian family living in Egypt. The agony involved for the head of the family (the author) to make the decision of taking his wife and three young daughters from the safety of living among family and friends that provided a hedge against the unknown and uncertainty of moving to another country and a new culture. It describes how Divine intervention tilted the balance in favor going ahead with the decision to move to America. The book entails several circumstances that clearly manifested God's desire for us to leave the country in which we had lived most of our lives. Second, the book describes how the basically Islamic, Arabic culture of the Middle East compares with the essentially Christian culture of the United States. It deals with the subtle underlying teachings of Islam that affect social and spiritual lives of people living in Muslim-majority societies. The book describes how deeply-ingrained ideas can enhance or prohibit advancement of society.

Title The Tales of Ise
Publisher Penguin UK
Release 2016-09-01
Category Literary Collections
Total Pages 416
ISBN 0141392584
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

One of the three seminal works of Japanese literature, this beautiful collection of poems and tales offers an unparalleled insight into ancient Japan. Along with the Tale of Genji and One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each, The Tales of Ise is considered one of the three most important works of Japanese literature. A poem-tale collection from the early Heian period, it contains many stories of amorous adventures, faithful friendship and travels in exile, framing the exquisite poems at the work's heart. The Tales of Ise has influenced waka, Noh, tales and diaries since the time it was written, and is still the source of endless inspiration in novels, poetry, manga and cartoons. This volume has been translated by Peter MacMillan and includes a preface by the renowned Japanologist Donald Keene. 'MacMillan's Tales of Ise adds to the treasures of Japanese literature that can now be enjoyed in English translation. It is the most poetic translation of this work to date and establishes MacMillan as an outstanding translator of Japanese poetry' - Donald Keene

Eternally Yours by Ed van Hinte

Title Eternally Yours
Author Ed van Hinte
Publisher 010 Publishers
Release 2004
Category Art and industry
Total Pages 457
ISBN 9789064505492
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

This book aims to map out ways of designing and planning products so that their value is sustained and they can be kept in use for a longer time. It tells the story of Vivian, a name that represents any product. The life oF Vivian is traced from preconception, through development, purchase and long period of use, right up to oblivion. Vivian's story is embedded in the information and experiences that the Eternally Yours Foundation has gathered over the past years, culminating in the 'Time in design' conference organized in October 2003 in cooperation with the Long Now Foundation. This book includes most of the lectures by, among many others, Ezio Manzini, Brian Eno, Gustaf Beumer and John Thackara - introduction.

Leadership Theory by John P. Dugan

Title Leadership Theory
Author John P. Dugan
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Release 2017-01-27
Category Education
Total Pages 504
ISBN 1118864204
Language English, Spanish, and French

Book Summary:

The facilitator's guide brings to life the content of the survey text, Leadership Theory. It offers instructive advice on how to prepare for the use of a critical perspective as well as providing practical resources to translate survey text content to practice. The facilitator's guide consists of: An overview of how to use the guide as well as recommended skills and reflection questions for educators prior to implementing material. Objectives, critical concepts, a chapter overview, and a chapter framework for each chapter from Leadership Theory Lesson plan "walk-throughs" containing 2-3 activities for each chapter of the survey text, with information for learning outcomes, activity setup, and additional notes for facilitation.